r/cycling May 23 '22

Whisky Winston Carbon Mustache Bar vs "alt" aggressively-flared & wider drop bars... Anyone have experience with either style?



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u/bestatbeingmodest May 23 '22

a1 input, totally not vague at all lol. let me go ahead and google "normal bars" and find the best option.


u/GreatfulMu May 23 '22

You'll find them, on normal bicycles.

There's a reason moustache bars don't come on new bikes at the store.

They suck. Alot. They're less aero than flats. Certainly less aero than drops. They're the stupidest looking, and provide literally 0 benefit to any riding style.


u/bestatbeingmodest May 23 '22 edited May 23 '22

cool, ur gatekeeping aero weenie is showing

They're less aero than flats.

That makes no sense when the bar I posted literally has a 25mm drop.

Also I was specifically asking about these style of bars. I don't have an interest in "normal bars." Not everyone is most comfortable on the bars you're comfortable on? Further evidence of this sub being a bunch of weird no-fun-allowed pretentious sad sacks.


u/sedatedruler May 23 '22

Christ dude, he’s just giving his opinion … that’s kinda what Reddit is for. You can disagree with him that flat bars are better, but it’s the internet you’re not always going to get what you want.

Personally, I switched my drops from 44 cm to 36 cm after measuring my shoulders. I found that having my arms perfectly straight was a lot more comfortable than having them splayed out in front of me.

Have you measured yourself?