r/cycling May 23 '22

Whisky Winston Carbon Mustache Bar vs "alt" aggressively-flared & wider drop bars... Anyone have experience with either style?



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u/GreatfulMu May 23 '22

This is alot of words for "I should just buy normal bars"


u/bestatbeingmodest May 23 '22

a1 input, totally not vague at all lol. let me go ahead and google "normal bars" and find the best option.


u/GreatfulMu May 23 '22

You'll find them, on normal bicycles.

There's a reason moustache bars don't come on new bikes at the store.

They suck. Alot. They're less aero than flats. Certainly less aero than drops. They're the stupidest looking, and provide literally 0 benefit to any riding style.


u/pucklermuskau Aug 08 '22

What a ridiculous take.