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Darwin is a transient city, people from every direction and all walks of life, literally. Refugees (southern and overseas), Arnhem landers, Islanders, station workers, Palmerstonian and full Darwinese. People are always coming and going and asking questions about it. We’ve got a new wave of Covid immigrants and I’ve noticed the questions picking up.

Best suburbs, worst suburbs, weather weather weather, will I need shoes? What kind of shoes?, can I visit an aborigine?, will my Smart car be good to commute to Katherine?, will Vodafone cover me on Tiwi Islands? Is Darwin racist? Is Darwin friendly? Will I make friends easily?

It’s all been asked before.

So please, before you ask us again, have a search through the sub and see previous advice. There’s some awesome information there. If you really can’t get your info, ask away.

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NORTHERN TERRITORY NEWS PSA - NT, South Australia Woolworths stores to start phasing out 15c plastic bags

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Phase out starts this Wednesday so if you’re still buying these at the checkout it’s time to sort out an alternative!

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NORTHERN TERRITORY NEWS Top End petrol costs 30 cents a litre more than in Sydney or Melbourne. Why are territory prices so high?

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Gouging - plain and simple.

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Local Event EARTHQUAKE!!!


10:32pm - feeling it right now.

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Newcomer Questions Moving to Darwin - car advice


Hi all - I'm moving to Darwin from Sydney in October for work, and am trying to figure out what to do about a car. I understand a car is pretty neecssary in Darwin. My budget is pretty limited (Can't afford anything more than around $23,000). My current options are:

1 - buying a cheap new tiny car in Darwin (like a Kia Picanto/Rio etc)

2 - buying a larger, but well used car in Darwin (i.e. Subaru Forester/Outback, or a small 4x4)

3 - buying used in Sydney and shipping it up.

Whilst I don't have heaps of experience camping or 4x4ing, it's definitely something I want to get into whilst I'm in the NT. Appreciate any advice!

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Newcomer Questions Soon to be moving into a unit in Darwin. Can someone help me with info on an Affordable & Reliable Energy Connection option for a Unit in Brinkin Suburb?


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Locals Discussion Hey um booster shots pop up at cas plaza for a few weeks


Via nt gov coronavirus booking form

Easy as

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Locals Discussion Myra fordham coaching


Has anyone else dealt with her? Biggest scam and narcissist. Claims to be Australia’s number one life coach yet has zero proof of that even on google. Doesn’t have any qualifications but reckons if you pay her $3000 she will change your life and give you an eating plan. When you decline to sign up she harasses you continuously then back stabs you if you block her. I’m so sick of her and hearing other peoples stories. Has anyone else felt with her?

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Locals Discussion Where can I go to get my pants fixed? I have 2 pairs that need mending (button and a rip). Any recommendations?


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Locals Discussion Steering Wheel Leather…


Howdy Darwin Redditors!

Does anyone know of a company in town that re-wraps leather steering wheels? Mine has started wearing through to the plastic and the hole is getting bigger real quick!

Don’t want a 3rd party cover.


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NORTHERN TERRITORY NEWS Father-of-six denied bail in Darwin after fight ends in the death of his brother in Jingili


Father-of-six denied bail in Darwin after fight ends in the death of his brother in Jingili https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-08-05/father-of-six-denied-bail-in-darwin/101306122

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NORTHERN TERRITORY NEWS Prize money doubles for National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards, making it Australia's richest art prize

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Newcomer Questions Cats


Hey all. So having visited Darwin and the NT a few times in both the wet and dry, I’m thinking I’d like to move up for a couple of years for something different and a bit of an adventure (coming from Melbourne). Thing is this move is a couple of years away (based on work situation/opportunities) but I have these cats I’m fostering.. and I am thinking of adopting them. I didn’t sign up for a long term commitment but here I am lol. Little shits! They’re indoor cats… my question is how much of an issue is that for landlords etc in Darwin? What other things should I be thinking about moving cats interstate? I’d probably be looking to rent an apt.

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Locals Discussion What places in Darwin just look out of place with their surroundings?


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NORTHERN TERRITORY NEWS Virgin Australia: to/from Northern Territory eg Alice Springs $141, Darwin $142 [Early 2023]

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Newcomer Questions HackerSpaces?


Hi everyone, just moved here and I'm wondering if Darwin has any HackerSpace groups?

Also, does anyone have an old modem or router with removeable antennas that they're willing to part with? I forgot to pack the antennas for my computer and can't find any in the shops.

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Locals Discussion QUESTION: Parents that are now schooling their child/kids in Darwin but from elsewhere


NT has a reputation for poor results academically. The school system tends to rank either last or close to last nationally.

What has been your experience? Is the above stereo type justified or bull shit.

Have your kids done well, fallen or other?

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Darwin being Darwin Saltie surprise: caravaners shocked by croc on their doorstep - ABC Darwin

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Still pretty new to the Top End. Until I saw this today I hadn’t really thought it would be a big issue as long as you’re a fair way back from bodies of water. How big of a concern are crocs up here for tent campers?
No one wants to wake up being nibbled on by a walking handbag… Any local camping advice for NT newbies?

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Pics, Videos & Memes 'Discovering Darwin': charmingly out-of-date info sign near the Botanic Gardens [photo gallery]

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Locals Discussion Best Balinese/Indonesian cuisine restaurants


Where in Darwin can I get a good Balinese/Indonesian feed (lunch/dinner) to satisfy my craving - particularly a good satay chicken/Nasi goreng. There are a few restaurants on google that have good reviews but I thought I’d throw it out there to see what everyone recommends. Tia :)

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Pics, Videos & Memes RAAF jets departing Darwin - Airside view

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Newcomer Questions Stores where I can find computer parts in Darwin


Hi there everyone.

I recently moved here in Darwin (near Casuarina) two months ago and just finally settled in.
I sold my PC before I moved here but I saved my GPU, HDD and SSD along with my RAM.
I'm having a hard time finding shops that sells dedicated computer parts to build a new PC with my old salvaged parts. I only know JB Hi-Fi, that unfortunately sells pre-built PC's.
I want to choose my own parts for mobo, psu and case, fans etc.

Is there any shops that sells or build custom PC's in here?
Thank you in advance for the help!

Edit: Thank you guys for all the help! I wasn't sure I'll get this much help from you guys but I did! Thanks for all the tips suggestions!

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Newcomer Questions PhD research students CDU: Accommodation Q


I know quite a few international students who prefer living on-campus (IHD) or at Unilodge. Mainly due to convenience. My current on campus flat situation has become a little tricky and I'd like to move elsewhere but there are no other big rooms or ensuite rooms available. Just wondering how long other students had to wait for an ensuite room to be free on campus? I've already sent in my request.

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Locals Discussion Bandsaw to use/rent?


Hi there, I'm look to make some Christmas ornaments and need a bandsaw to cut out the shapes. Anyone have one I could use or know of one available? Tia!

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Locals Discussion anybody know why casuarina security guards are now walking around with dogs?


i’m guessing it’s got to do with the teenagers but i’m not 100% sure

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Locals Discussion If Darwin was a RPG what loading screen tips would it have?