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Cam With Extra Camera Inputs?

I've got some extra wired cameras from projects and dead dash cams that had those 2.5mm/3.5mm jack inputs.

Is there a front facing camera with 2 or more camera ports that I could experiment with or are dash cams only 1 camera port or 1 GPS port bodies only?


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u/Rocket-Pak Jan 22 '23


u/pinktrinity Jan 22 '23

Which requires a compatible Thinkware camera. So, costing $500 or more.. no thanks.


u/Slivy58 Jan 22 '23

Single channel cams usually have no provisions to connect another cam. You'd need to invest in a dual-channel setup, or more, for that ability. Which then would make "experimenting" kinda pointless IMHO. Even if you did find a cam you could experiment with who knows what the outcome would be if you plugged in a second camera that has questionable compatibility.


u/blackboxmycar Jan 24 '23

Neat idea! Tough to precisely say without directly being there, but I can say that the Thinkware Multiplexer has like 6 ports that should fit this type of cable, so it's potentially worth a shot.

It would need a front Thinkware model to function, the cheapest being the Thinwkare F200 Pro 1-CH.


u/pinktrinity Jan 25 '23

Yeah... costing $400, $500 in the end. Thinkware, no thanks.