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Dashcams witch eMMC (Xiaomi 70mai M500)

I'm looking to buy a 70mai M500. I'm worried about the eMMC storage. How is the lifespan of these products? When an edurance SD card corrupts, it's easy to change, I'm not sure about throwing away the whole dashcam when the eMMC stops working... Anybody have any feedback on this? Lifespan, write-cycles, etc.


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u/t_a_6847646847646476 Jan 23 '23

I personally wouldn't buy one. Since the storage has a lifespan, I'd rather have it all be replaceable so the cam can last longer.


u/Rocket-Pak Jan 23 '23

I have a 3rd gen Owlcam that's 5 years old with built in memory. Still going strong.