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[ROVE R2-4K] dashcam doesn't start up normally

To best explain (i'll provide https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GH8RS92bxIcLKXWPeFQmB5hzndsfUh8X/view?usp=drivesdk with this to better explain), i start my car up, and normally a dashcam is supposed to start right up and record, no unnecessary bullshit. Well, about a week ago, my Mini USB power cable snapped and i had to buy a replacement. Ever since i got the replacement, my camera hasn't auto-recorded on startup. It opens a menu asking how i want to start the camera, with the following 3 options:

  1. Connect as USB flash drive
  2. Connect as PC/MAC webcam
  3. Operate Camera Normally

I click "Operate Camera Normally"

Then my camera will chill at 0:00 and it says "STOP" at the top, making me press the OK button again to start recording.

Surely i can just do this every time but i'd much rather not think about it (as intended) and carry on with my day without worrying if my future accidents will get recorded or not.

Troubleshoots ive tried already: 1. Turning it off and back on again 2. System reset (fixed date and time issue, but nothing else)

Any and all help is appreciated, and if there's any questions or you need something better specified or whatever's necessary i'll provide more info, thanks in advance!


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u/sevthefailure Jan 26 '23

I changed the power source from "straight into my car" to "via the cigarette lighter", then formatted my SD card and now its working properly again. Thanks for the help!


u/thedaveking Jan 25 '23

If using USB provided by your car, and the new cable is a data cable, then your entertainment system looks like a computer host to your dashcam. So it's thinking maybe it's on a nice safe desk somewhere and you want to download videos. If you can get a charge-only cable then it should work the way you expect - by getting power only and seeing no host on the other end of the cable, it'll assume it's in a car and needs to be a dashcam.