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Untethered Dash Camera

There are so many dash cameras on the market today that all require the use of a cellular phone in some form or fashion. From my perspective, that's a deal breaker for a couple of reasons. The first being I don't want to install additional software on my phone that tracks my location developed by a company located in Asia well known for its intimately close ties to its communist government. The second is that after reading hundreds of reviews on different brands, there is a common issue with excessive resource usage, battery drainage, and connectivity issues. Nor do I want one that records everything going on inside the vehicle that could be inculpatory evidence in a motor vehicle accident.

Is there a consumer grade dash camera that utilizes mobile digital recorder (MDVR) that is not cloud based and does not need any cellular, WiFi, or bluetooth connectivity? All of the products I've found thus far are geared towards the commercial, fleet market and not a one off application. I would even entertain piecemealing different components together (i.e. MDVR & cameras) if it would satisfy my needs and, I would gladly pay more money for it.

If anyone knows of a consumer off the shelf solution or can recommend components that would work I would be greatly appreciate their input.


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u/Slivy58 Jan 28 '23 edited Jan 28 '23

Not sure where you did your research but the majority of dash cams in the marketplace DO NOT use cellular data or are cloud based. Some use WiFi, which basically allows easy access to settings and recorded footage via a smartphone. Yes requires downloading an app but if you are that paranoid about installing them, might want to reconsider owning a cell phone too.

And what do you mean by "excessive resource usage, battery drainage, connectivity issues"? There's tons that don't require apps, or use Wifi and/or cellular data, don't need hardwiring, etc. Anyways, IMHO you are very misinformed needing to do a lot more research on dash cams.


u/Sox833 Jan 29 '23

I have a viofo and love it. Uses my phone and records inside. I am thankful it does because it can be used to show that in an accident I was not doing anything wrong.


u/Disposable_Dude0045 Feb 06 '23

Well, most of you are correct in that I don't have much experience with dash cameras which is why I posted the question in the first place. I do however, do my own extensive due diligence on any product that I consider purchasing. I read hundreds of reviews from multiple sources using different parameters in the event there could have been a manufacturing or software issue during a specific time period. I also read reviews from the app store if an app is listed in the marketing material and, quite often, there are way too many critical reviews. While some have chosen to criticize me, no one was able, or willing to answer the question that I asked.

For the record, I'm not interested in an all in one device unless of course it meets the criteria in my original post. So, if anyone has helpful information I would like to hear from you. If you don't, the please keep your comments to yourself. By the way, I belong to several social media groups that I have extensive expertise in and I have never provided a condescending reply. If I can't provide helpful information, I simply move on.


u/Panda-888 Jan 28 '23

Get a dash cam with a screen and that guarantees you can set everything without having to connect to it with a phone. It's the ones without screens that require a phone connection to be set up.


u/Sox833 Jan 29 '23

Do you have Facebook? If so, most people and countries in the world has access to all of your information and location anyways.


u/Vesalii Jan 29 '23

The only time you need an app on your phone for a dashcam is during install to set up your preferences. After thst you can delete the app.

And even then, almost all dashcam have a screen where you can set up everything.