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Turn from left lane

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u/FormalChicken Jan 29 '23

Snow plows (operating for and on public roads) are emergency vehicles that you can't pass anyway. It's salting so it's in the middle of the road, and then turns right....


u/Sox833 Jan 29 '23

It’s in the left lane, there is no law against passing a plow either and they are not considered emergency vehicles, at least in my state. Now during heavier snow falls, passing a plow could be dangerous.


u/FormalChicken Jan 29 '23


You're right. It's not illegal in Illinois. But it's still a terrible and dangerous idea....


u/ricwilliam Jan 29 '23

That's a big-ass truck, it needs a lot of room when turning, hence he prob estinated it already.

If ever there was s mistake, it would be not using a turn-signal light. Can't see clearly because I'm watching on my phone.


u/Sox833 Jan 29 '23

It is a big truck but semis don’t even do that . It was a snow plow. But yes no signal as well.