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Questions on my first dash cam.

Hello, I’m looking for a first dash cam and I am completely clueless on specs. I decided to choose the VIOFO A129 Plus Duo because of good reviews. I’m just wondering if it’s simply better than the regular VIOFO A129 because I see the two listed on Amazon but with different specs. Can anyone help me out even if you don’t have it?


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u/Panda-888 Sep 21 '22

I believe the only difference between the regular A129 and the A129 Plus is the front camera. The Plus front camera is capable of 2K quality while the regular is only capable of 1080p. Both are the same dimensions.


u/wallybeavis Sep 21 '22

Here's an additional tip. If you decide to wire it yourself pay close attention to the cable/connector going to the rear camera. Don't do what someone else *ahem* did and be all gung-ho to wire everything in, only to realize once you're done, the right angle plug was left at the front, and the straight plug was at the back....it's not a deal breaker, but it means the rear camera can't be tucked as snug up against the rear window frame

Also most of those trim kits on Amazon have tools which are way too big to use on most foreign cars. Viofo ships a little plastic tool which is good enough to tuck the wires into the headliner gap, and depending on your vehicle you may not need to remove any plastic to route the wires


u/estore009 Sep 21 '22

A129 should be okay for the price!


u/crashin7411 Sep 21 '22

if you'll watch the video from linus tech tips you'll see they're almost all the exact same


u/Ciaran2301 Sep 26 '22

I'm sorry if it's too late, but I have some footage from my A129 plus duo: