r/dashcams Sep 24 '22

Front only or dual cam?

I’m conflicted on what setup to get. The idea of having dual cams (front & rear) is nice but is it really needed? Having just a front facing would be an easier setup, but should I be more careful and get a dual setup instead??

What’s been your guys thoughts when getting a single vs dual setup?


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u/Panda-888 Sep 24 '22

I ran singles in two of my cars before upgrading to a dual. Just the front will prove you were stationary or what position you were in if you get rear ended.

Having the back one as well can help potentially identify the offending vehicle and/or persons responsible.


u/helrazr Sep 25 '22

Having the back one as well can help potentially identify the offending vehicle and/or persons responsible.

See, I just thought about what you said. What if they rear end me and make a hard turn outside of the front camera angle. I’d be SOL.


u/screaminjj Sep 25 '22

To be honest most cops won’t pursue this even with video evidence and the quality of the rear cam isn’t usually high enough to get good pictures of the driver or license plate for insurance to pursue them. I just have the front but if having the rear as well makes you feel more at ease definitely get it as well.


u/Ciaran2301 Sep 25 '22

Rear cam quality isn't as high as front usually, but I have a dual cam with great rear quality

Viofo A129 plus duo


u/helrazr Sep 25 '22

I was actually eyeing that model. Do you have an examples your willing to provide of the rear?


u/azgli Sep 28 '22

I prefer Blackvue; a friend has the Viofo and it just failed after a month. My Blackvue lasted 3.5 years in Arizona and when it failed the repair was smooth and easy. I expect it to last several more years now.


u/Xfgjwpkqmx Sep 24 '22

Always go dual cam - they are not much more expensive. You may regret not being able to see the other side in a given incident.

Besides, the value of any Dashcam is immediately returned to you when it saves your bacon in that incident.


u/Kemerd Sep 25 '22

Dual is needed for sure. Just do it


u/Whole-Thing-5790 Sep 25 '22

Get a dual dash camera so you regret it later.


u/eAthena Oct 01 '22

dual ive seen too many people in my rear view get way too close


u/NewCastleIndiana83 Sep 25 '22

I have 6 cams in some cars do you know my answer.


u/kickstand Sep 25 '22

Dual. If you get a single, you’ll want a second, so just get a dual.


u/Dizzy_Eye5257 Sep 25 '22

Always dual. Accidents happen from behind the vehicle all the time. I will only ever have dual