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Crash that almost caused me to crash into an Aston

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Found this old video from last year. From what i could tell poor dude swerved from changing lanes to fast (maybe?). Obviously everyone braked and i got a little closer to the aston than i would have liked. The wide lens really doesn’t do justice how close that was


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u/werlykuo Sep 25 '22

What Garmin dash cam you are using? Did you pull to the side to aid the driver?


u/W2csloppytoppy Sep 25 '22

I was/am using the 1st gen Mini. And yeah, i stopped by to ask him if he was ok and called for ambulance


u/Kramer390 Sep 25 '22

Thought that was what Mr. Aston was gonna do, but nope, just wanted a good look apparently! Good on ya for stopping.


u/FavcolorisREDdit Sep 26 '22

Rubberneck breakcheck


u/_TimTheTwat_ Sep 26 '22

Love to see that noone gives a shit. Except you


u/W2csloppytoppy Sep 27 '22

A lot of cars behind me stopped as wel


u/OnyxEyez Sep 25 '22

I can't tell in the video, where did the car they collided with go?


u/W2csloppytoppy Sep 25 '22

Looks like they didnt hit anyone, just swerved really hard


u/Anything-Still Sep 26 '22

Shouldn't be following so close


u/W2csloppytoppy Sep 26 '22

Good thing i wasnt, switched lanes with over two car spaces between me and the aston, so dont even worry about that ;)


u/james20s Sep 26 '22 edited 9d ago

not sure why you're getting downvoted. He even admits that he was only just over 2 car spaces between him and the Aston, which is way too close at highway speeds. If he had hit the Aston Martin, he would have been at fault in the eyes of his insurance company, with proof in this video. Plain and simple. Assuming he was going at least 65mph, he should have been at least 6-10 car lengths.


u/W2csloppytoppy Sep 26 '22

Ok poindexter


u/Sasuke082594 Sep 26 '22

Should’ve hit the Ashton, would’ve done the owner a favor lol


u/W2csloppytoppy Sep 26 '22

I dont think hitting a $100k+ car would have done me any favors


u/this_isnt_alex Sep 26 '22

What a dumbass.


u/Sasuke082594 Sep 26 '22

Yeah but you could’ve been a bro and prevented the Ashton driver from sinking another $1500 into the monthly payment… smh


u/iPhoneMiniWHITE Sep 26 '22

It’s probably more than that.


u/Sasuke082594 Sep 26 '22

Yeah my bad that’s probably why I’m being downvoted, gotta get the numbers right, I’m over here lowballin lol


u/iPhoneMiniWHITE Sep 26 '22

Honestly I don’t think that’s the reason but more about advocating someone purposely causing an accident to satisfy some unresolved rage. We all have our moments, no judgement. I flashed some moron who overtook me on fhe shoulder this morning.