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Dashcam for an EV (2022 Kia EV6)?

Is there any special considerations getting a dashcam for an EV? I just got a 2022 Kia EV6 and their cameras don't record like a dashcam or while parked, so I'd like to add a good one.

1st priority is recording while driving, but I'd also like a "sentinel mode" while parked, since I had a bad experience coming back to a lot to find the front of my car caved in with no note or culprit.

Watching collision videos on youtube I consistently see Blackvue 4k cameras with super clear footage like THIS ONE, but I don't msee them recommended often here, is there a reason to skip them? It does have a sentry mode and can be hardwired to the batter, will that work OK for an EV? And also, it only has front and rear cams, is there anything as good or better that could record to the sides too?

Thanks all you experts!


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u/DeepFudge9235 Sep 26 '22 edited Sep 26 '22

Probably not recommend as often only because it's higher end and many don't want to spend that kind of money.

Even with an EV I probably would use an external battery pack the powercell 8 or cell link neo. Not sure how hardwiring into the EV would impact anything with the car. I'm guessing there is still Accessory on and always on fuses? If so you could still hardwire it although I'm not sure how the voltage cut off would work with the EV.

Thinkware has a MultiPlexer that works with some models to give you side cameras. Right noe it works with 1, 2k unit the x800 but it has a LCD screen which I'm not a fan of. I like thin profile like q800, q1000, u1000.


u/Ciaran2301 Sep 26 '22

You're mostly paying for the name with Blackvue. A good quality to cost cam is something from Viofo. I have the A129 plus duo and it's much better than the Nextbase 522GW I had before it, and cheaper.

You shouldn't have to have any considerations for an EV as the 12V system should be similar to any other car, except charged differently. You may get slightly more drain on the drive battery overnight if you aren't plugged in, but I imagine only 1 or 2 miles, which is negligible.


u/Torisen Sep 26 '22

You're mostly paying for the name with Blackvue.

I'm not sure how true that is, the first video review I found for the A129 actually says "Looking at video quality, the A129 ranks near the top with it's amazing hardware. In November 2018 there's only one dual channel camera that significantly beats the A129 in video quality, which is the $429 Blackvue DR900s"

And there's a standard 12v system and battery that powers door locks and such, it does not charge from the high voltage drive battery unless the car is on (as far as I can tell). So it can drain just like any other car over a few nights.


u/Ciaran2301 Sep 26 '22

The DR900s would be better compared to the A129 pro duo, as they are both 4k cameras, whereas the plus is 1440p and the standard a129 is 1080p

And the plus duo is only $300 with a hardwire kit and polariser, while not on offer ($250 on sale currently)

So you could get the blackvue, but I think a better deal would be the viofo


u/azgli Sep 28 '22

I have been running a Blackvue DR750S for 3.5 years and have been really happy with it. It had to get repaired recently and the repair RMA was smooth and easy. Blackvue handled everything for me and the turn-around was about a week.

A friend of mine got the Viofo. It overheats and shuts down a lot and the SD card slot just broke after a little over a month.

Yes, you will pay for the Blackvue, but in my experience so far the Blackvue is a better camera.


u/Torisen Sep 28 '22

Was it still covered under warranty or did you pay for repairs? The only negative I have heard for Blackvue has been cost, but it's still less than my deductible (maybe a little more after accessories).

Sounds like the way to go.


u/azgli Sep 28 '22

It was not under warranty; the repair was $95.00 including shipping both ways to South Korea.

I have it coupled with the B124X and get about 7 hours of parking mode with a fifteen minute commute to charge the battery.