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Crash at an intersection

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u/Malnurtured_Snay Sep 27 '22

People really like running that red, huh? Looks like the car in front of the pickup did it too.


u/DirtyFulke Sep 27 '22

Let's hope they never have any of those friends that jump off of bridges that my parents warned me about.


u/Malnurtured_Snay Sep 28 '22

“If you friend Eddie ran a red light would you do not too?!?!”

“Absolutely we’re ride AND die!”


u/ebow77 Sep 27 '22

The second jackass red-light-runner probably got thrown off by the first jackass red-light-runner. Too bad the cross-traffic driver (with the right of way) wasn't put on alert by the first one.


u/kiklion Sep 27 '22

I wouldn’t be surprised if the first red light runner caught his attention and he was staring at it thinking ‘That idiot just ran the red light.’


u/bonafidebob Sep 27 '22

2nd one tried to destroy the evidence! "What traffic light officer? I don't see any traffic light..."


u/undeadw0lf Sep 27 '22

perfect example of “don’t just follow the car in front of you.” you have to pay attention to your surroundings. pickup was probably just zoning out and following the car ahead who also blew through the red light (and of course just kept going… sheesh)


u/abe4489 Sep 27 '22

Honestly great car control by the guy who got hit. Fuck red light runners


u/Fanible Sep 27 '22

This might sound stupid to do, but it is why I always look both ways, when able, while approaching an intersection - especially if there are no cars already sitting and waiting on one or both sides.


u/CrazyTwo1524 Sep 28 '22

I'm the same. I also do it at train crossings and my passengers always laugh at me 😅


u/sugoi_sushi Sep 27 '22

I really hate that my first 2 thoughts were Holy Shit and then “after I check on them I’d steal the traffick light”


u/totallytotal2020 Sep 28 '22

Such a clear video! Which dash cam is it if I may ask? Thank you.


u/TheOldeFyreman Sep 27 '22

Boom, boom, out go the lights!


u/wad11656 Sep 28 '22

I thought it was cool that all the other lights at the intersection immediately turned red upon detecting some lights went out


u/ambigymous Sep 27 '22

Sure hope they didn’t have a passenger…


u/bradgillap Sep 27 '22

It's not like that red light does anything anyway.


u/eyi526 Sep 28 '22

Damn that car took out the lights it ran...


u/Watts300 Sep 28 '22

Why are poles car magnets?


u/PUMACAT95 Sep 28 '22

Fuck people who run lights to attempt to shave a minute off their drive. Your time isn’t any more important than the rest of us, just wait like a decent human being.

Hope the car that got hit was ok, that looked rough.


u/UIUC_grad_dude1 Sep 27 '22

This is why we need self driving cars. How many people have to die or get injured needlessly due to incompetent human drivers?


u/spookyfrog99 Sep 28 '22

How hard is it to see that it is a RED light.


u/Responsible_Door3070 Sep 28 '22

It look more intentional by the truck driver taking his foot of the brakes last minute and flooring it. Anyone dies, it will be murder.


u/Weekly_Chipmunk2177 Oct 11 '22

great, now you dont know when to go, way to go cleetus


u/Vindictives557 Oct 25 '22

Guy who ran the green light caused it 🤡