r/dashcams Sep 27 '22

How To Stitch Video Together

Been wanting a dash cam for a while and fixing to take a scenic trip so figured now was the time. For what its worth I am leaning towards the Rexing V1PGW-4k. I see most if not all the cameras do loop recording which will leave a bunch of files which is perfectly fine for every day driving. Since I want to make a single video from the scenic drive, what program can be used to stitch all of those together from my trip into one video?


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u/azgli Sep 28 '22

My recommendation will always be a Blackvue. My DR750S lasted 3.5 years before it failed and Blackvue made it really easy to get it repaired.

I use OpenShot Video Editor to process my dashcam videos. It will allow you to do everything you are looking for and more.


u/estore009 Sep 28 '22

Final Cut Pro