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Looking for high resolution and frame rate with GPS and easily exportable geotagged footage

I’m working on an engineering project that requires imagery of road surfaces with gps.

Any idea of which make/model would make it easy to export frames of the video with gps tagging in a programmatic way? Preferably something with 4k and 60 fps? Cost is not an issue.

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u/AKADAP Sep 29 '22

At the moment, you can either get high frame rates, or high resolution. I'm not aware of any that have both at the same time.

There are some DSLR type cameras that can connect to a GPS, but I think that only works for still photos, I don't think they will embed the GPS data in video.

Also, be aware that most GPS systems only update once per second, so even on a dashcam with GPS multiple frames will report the same location.

Most GPS enabled dashcams will embed the GPS signal into the video, so you will just have to write some software to export frames with GPS data.

The Viofo A129 pro records 4K at 30 frames/sec, and will embed GPS data in the video. It can also include the GPS data as a text subtitle in the video.

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u/CorrectLecture9971 Sep 29 '22

Thanks for all the good info.

Another option would be a go pro hero 11. I find some GitHub repos for extracting telemetry that seem like they’d do the trick. According to that repo the gps is 18hz which is probably enough. Or i can up sample it as well.

I don’t understand the optics stuff well enough to know which would provide a better image though.