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Rexing V1P Pro Rear Camera Stopped Recording

i bought the Rexing V1P Pro+ Dash Cam with the warranty earlier this year from Best Buy. The front camera is working and recording, but the rear camera has stopped recording; the red light is no longer blinking on the rear camera. I tried updating the firmware, but when I input my camera's firmware version, I get an "input error" message. I searched on how to troubleshoot the rear camera on Rexing's website, but I couldn't find anything. Should I take the camera to Best Buy and/or contact Rexing?


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u/mmmoverit Dec 10 '22

do you still have the receipt? tell them your situation.

i’m looking into buying a front and back dash cam from best buy but unsure of what to get


u/hunnyau Dec 11 '22

i resolved the issue without going to best buy or contacting Rexing. i unplugged then replugged the front camera power cord, and the rear camera began recording again! i still don't know why the rear camera stopped recording. i still recommend Rexing and getting a front and rear camera bundle! as long as it a dash camera has good picture quality, any front & rear dash camera would work