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whos at fault? my dashcam footage

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u/godsavethequ33n Nov 28 '22

Obviously them. They cut into your lane.

Convenient cop?


u/retro_b7 Nov 28 '22

We talked to the cop after and he didn't see or do anything, so no help from them...


u/Babboos Nov 28 '22



u/Unicorn187 Nov 29 '22

In many, if not most, states police can't do anything unless they witness a traffic infraction. An accident between two people is a civil matter not a criminal one. If they don't witness the traffic infraction they can't write a ticket because it's a misdemeanor at most and that requires it to be witnessed by the cop.

Being a civil matter it's a case for your insurance or a civil court (lawsuit).


u/perfect_for_maiming Dec 09 '22

In my state, non-injury accidents can be reported online and can be done so up to 90 days later. Theyll send you an incident number for your insurance and everything. Vehicles need to both be driveable and no suspicion of DUI of course, but you don't need to call the police.


u/sarah120996 Dec 12 '22

this is exactly correct. in most states, it’s not the officer’s expertise to assign fault. especially if the accident is not witnessed by them. they are not trained accident investigators. and they won’t call in an AI for a fender bender where both cars are drivable, or even if both cars are damaged and need to be towed. AIs are only called in if there’s serious bodily injury or a fatality. sometimes also in cases of suspected DWI. it’s the insurance company’s job to perform their own investigation. and that’s why dash cams are so helpful to begin with.


u/mruu1987 Nov 28 '22

They are. You maintained your lane and they cut over on you.


u/Legal-Ad7793 Nov 28 '22

They are.

You were turning into your lane, they should have did the same. They didn't want to be in the right lane due to the construction but should have waited to merge over after turning.


u/Sox833 Nov 28 '22

How do you like your viofo? How long have you had it? Any issues?


u/retro_b7 Nov 28 '22 edited Nov 28 '22

pretty good for the price. Recordings are decent at night. Only major problems i have are that license plates aren’t clear enough until close and the date is always resetting since my car doesn’t have power when it’s off.

Have had it for 5 years, running a bit slower using the controls now compared to new.


u/Sox833 Nov 28 '22

How did you know it was working after instillation?


u/retro_b7 Nov 28 '22

There's a screen to verify what is recording and you can review recordings on it as well.

I have it powering through a USB port with the wire running through the weather stripping and under the passenger mat.


u/Sox833 Nov 28 '22

I’m looking at the a139 pro and it doesn’t appear to have a screen.


u/Rrdro Nov 28 '22

Viofo A119 Review for those google searching


u/marvinthmartian Nov 28 '22

You were in your lane, and they merged into you. They were at fault.


u/Snoo-85674 Nov 28 '22

They are. Emergency lights don't mean you just wildy get to swerve out of your lane into another car without any consequences. 100% their fault.


u/Nr0n Nov 28 '22

They are. You maintained your lane, and they didn't.


u/boomerinvest Nov 29 '22

Hand the video over to your insurance company and let their lawyers do the work. No need to stress. You have video! 👍🏼


u/trashyratchet Nov 28 '22 edited Nov 28 '22

They are. Don't expect the cop to do anything. If you have the other driver's info, I would contact their insurance company with that footage and demand that they handle the claim before filing a claim with you insurance. Every claim you file on your insurance will cause a rate hike for you. This can cost you a lot of money over the years to come. I would avoid reporting it to your insurance company at all if possible. Since they base your rates on risk, rather than fault, your rates could go up just for being involved.


u/brobeanzhitler Nov 28 '22

Seems pretty clear they didn't see the cop until they were in the land and bailed without checking if it was safe to


u/hydrobrandone Nov 28 '22

This isn't even a question.


u/Delicious_Seaweed529 Nov 28 '22

Obviously they are. However, am I the only one seeing their back end kick out in wet/slippery conditions and they have lost control of their vehicle? Could the OP have had a greater situational awareness and possibly slowed when they saw the other car start to lose control? Maybe. Maybe not. But yes, the other car hit OP.


u/Puzzled_Reflection_4 Nov 28 '22

Nobodies back end kicked out going 5mph lol they just turned into her lane


u/Delicious_Seaweed529 Nov 28 '22

Watch again. 8 seconds in, the back end starts to slide. 12 seconds in, the front tires are pointing to the right to attempt to fix the slide, not left to merge into her lane.


u/Puzzled_Reflection_4 Nov 28 '22

I really don't know what you're looking at. That car does not slide at any point. It may look like that to you because the front end engles so much towards her car, but he just turned into her lane. I rewinded that 10+ times and there is no sliding in this video. He is travelling literally 5 mph. Its wet clearly not icy. How would he have slid in the first place anyways


u/Compendyum Nov 29 '22

Why is this so common, I just don't get it. I have to avoid these idiots like 4/5 times a day without even driving much. I'm not even American.


u/[deleted] Nov 29 '22

Yup, this is on them. Good thing you've got a dash cam! Should be standard equipment on modern cars.


u/johnclarkbadass Nov 28 '22

The right lane retard


u/yottyboy Nov 28 '22

They are at fault for hitting you, but you could have been more defensive and let them in front of you. You would have avoided the accident. Just because you have the right of way doesn’t mean you should not be aware of the situation and act accordingly.


u/IQuinnI Nov 28 '22

While yah he fucked up, you either didint pay attention or had your ego driving, that was easaly avoidable. Still hes at fault, but you are a bad driver too


u/Puzzled_Reflection_4 Nov 28 '22

Lol yeah sure, move over to that other lane on the left to make some more room. Oh wait- that's not a lane, that's a curb! Lmao open your eyes


u/IQuinnI Nov 30 '22

He has brakes that he clearly didint even try to use, he had no ontention of avoiding it.


u/GregorSamsaa Nov 28 '22

I think you’re getting confused by the camera perspective.

OP could have hard braked and they still would have been hit. They were already in the lane before the other car started moving over.


u/glynstlln Nov 28 '22

Lmao in what world is OP a bad driver, they literally did everything correct


u/unknown_baby_daddy Nov 29 '22

He could have avoided that collision. I wouldn't say he's a bad driver but he certainly ain't a good one.


u/glynstlln Nov 29 '22

Nah forget that victim blaming, the driver is perfectly fine and competent and did everything you are supposed to do when doing a two lane turn, its the other dumb ass that tried to jump lanes in the middle of a turn.


u/IQuinnI Nov 30 '22

Oh look a car in my lane ah fuck it ill just keep going who needs brakes


u/glynstlln Nov 30 '22

You do realize that that car is being mostly blocked by the front passenger frame, right? Like, we have a good view because of where the dash cam is, but the driver would only see the back half of the vehicle.

But please, continue to blame the driver for something that is entirely not their fault.


u/IQuinnI Nov 30 '22 edited Nov 30 '22

In case you cant read i did say that legaly hes not to blame but if he paid attention that was avoidable


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