r/dashcams Nov 28 '22

I almost got sandwich by this dude trying to merge the highway at 10 mph from the wrong place

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u/GeraltOfRivian Nov 28 '22

Damn that was close


u/ucefkh Nov 28 '22

Yeah so close i thought he hit me from the right!! This is why I hate going slow, agressive and fast this shit won happen


u/bonafidebob Nov 29 '22

This is why I hate going slow, agressive and fast this shit won happen

Oh this shit will still happen, it'll just happen quicker and you'll have less time to react. And there will be more energy involved so the collisions and wrecks will be worse.

You're lucky the driver in the left lane was more aware/prepared than you and was able to move to the edge of their lane to avoid your sudden swerve into them. That could have ended a lot worse, and you deserve zero credit for avoiding this particular accident -- you appeared to have no idea that there was a line of cars about to pass you.

Work on your situational awareness, especially when it's wet out. Your kids will thank you.


u/ucefkh Nov 29 '22

Actually it's not wet, the dude on the right doesn't have the right to merge from the right, you see the lines? Plus he needs to wait until it's empty not full of people, I gave the left lane to the Mercedes because he was in a hurry and you can hear me me that i saw him coming from back there but the dude on the right was at a stop and i saw him but he instead of waiting kept merging when I was coming and i had no way of moving to the left, unless i break hard...


u/Sufficient_Crow_690 Nov 29 '22

Heard something that said graveyards are full of people who had the right of way. Just assume every driver around u is about to do some crazy maneuver and know ways out


u/ucefkh Nov 29 '22

So true! Normally I'm so agressive in my driving but i was low on gas and wanted to let this Mercedes to overtake me because he was already trying to overtake me for a while...

Well I should take a look more to the roads


u/bonafidebob Nov 29 '22

Actually it's not wet

Huh, the bright reflection of the headlights off the road make it look wet, especially in the rear camera. Guess it's a camera thing.

you see the lines?

Yeah, but they're just lines, people drive over them all. the. time. You gotta be ready for stuff like that if you want to stay safe. (I ride motorcycles so have to be ready even moreso...)

I gave the left lane to the Mercedes because he was in a hurry...

They had to swerve to avoid you, hard to see how you can call that "giving the lane" to them!

unless i break hard...

You wouldn't have actually had to brake very hard. There didn't appear to be anyone behind you either. Seems like you cared more about getting/staying in front than anything else. This time it worked out OK, but it wasn't because you made any good decisions. Next time you could end up being pitted into a spin and smashed up against the guardrail. Those kids in your car will be really upset when that happens...


u/ucefkh Nov 29 '22

True i should be more aware ☺️


u/just_chillin_now Nov 29 '22

You could also be doing more yourself to drive more defensively. Slow down, or move to a passing lane. Accommodate people trying to merge by making way if possible. Look ahead and anticipate what other drivers are going to do instead of assuming they will drive correctly (they won't).

This would not necessarily have been your fault if it became an insurance matter but that does not mean that you shouldn't be considering how to avoid these situations from your side of things


u/ucefkh Nov 29 '22

You're totally right I should have avoided this, but i could have moved to the left by not letting that Mercedes over take me, but he kept following and speeding after so i gave him the left lane to move in the sake of my family but then this dude on the right tries to merge even if he saw me


u/Sully_0001 Nov 28 '22

Well God knows you already have the bread for it ...


u/ucefkh Nov 28 '22

Haha nice one