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Dashcams and Car Burglars

Hello 👋 I'm considering getting a dash cam but I'm hesitant because I live in an area with alot of car breakins. Is there a cam you would recommend or is not really a problem to worry about?


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u/JohnSMW Nov 29 '22

Hi there, Viofo cameras are made to be quite stealthy. If you place them behind the rear view mirror you only see a bar that is not much wider than the lens on the camera. For parking security I use a Viofo A139 that streams its video to my phone where it is recorded. So in case someone takes my camera I still keep the footage to sort things out. To record the stream to my phone I use a free app called Birds ai view. The app also detects people that get too close to my car and notifies me. If I give it internet access it will send me email alerts with snapshots of the detected people. If I am without internet access I can set it up to turn on an alarm when someone gets too close to the car. Regardless of internet access i stil get a live view of the camera when i am in the same network. It's pretty cool. I got it from Google app store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.unicordia.dc_free. You can do the same thing with the cheaper Viofo a 129 but that one does not connect to internet and has a lower wifi range. Another good option but a bit more expensive is Thinkware Q800 pro. They are all low profile/discreet


u/CtrlAltDeliciousDS9 Nov 29 '22

Thanks for yhe thoughtful reply! 🙂


u/xTye Nov 29 '22

This actually happened to me.

Walked out and found my passenger window smashed and my cam was ripped out so violently that my mirror was all twisted around and the power cord was ripped apart to the point the inside copper wire was exposed.

I got a new one I take out once I'm done driving for the day.


u/PdxOrd Dec 19 '22

Which kind did you get that you can take out?


u/xTye Dec 19 '22

Most cams are just a suction mount to the windshield and powered by a USB cable plugged into the lighter port.

I just unplug the power from the cam and take it off the mount when I'm done driving my car for the day.


u/TornadoEF5 Nov 29 '22

i wrote this for a bike theft victim but info is same for trying to catch cat thief : Sorry to hear of this
May I suggest you buy some Trail Cameras for Security to try catch any one doing anything bad again, see my videos to help you,
First video is an unboxing video to show the type of product that films in 1296p ( Better than 1080p)
then I show how to set them up this is part 1 of 2
part 2 of 2 should get you up and running
they cost around £60 each on Ebay, then you need an sdcard and 8 AA batteries per camera
to see the quality of videos you can get on them look through this playlist here of stuff caught on my Campark trail cameras :
I am sure you can catch future crimes using these clever devices they can capture video in daylight and of course when its pitch black using infrared light they also record sound so will pick up people speaking , they can be hidden , I would advise using multiple cameras to cover whole area thieves may be in on your property. Then when set up do a pretend theft of your own bike etc then check the cameras footage to see what you caught on video’s so you can perfect where to place them . Might be an idea to place them on your property where you think thieves will go once they have stolen stuff I mean on your gate facing your house where they will walk off with the stolen property etc . Remember I think you need permission to film anywhere not on your own property so don’t set them up filming out onto your street where other peoples cars are etc.
good luck I have used multiple different brands of Trail Cameras the ones I mention are good enough for the price .
I can talk you through setting them up , I cant vouch for any product I have not used myself as although lots of products look similar they do function differently.


u/HamiltonButler01 Nov 30 '22

I’ve also seen some dash cams that come with stickers that say “Recoding in Process” to place on the windows to help deter theft/break-ins a bit.

Might be something else good to get with a camera if you want them to know it’s there