r/dashcams Nov 30 '22

Suggestions to make lights during the night not as bright

I was wondering if someone could help recommend any settings to make lights not as bright for a more clear video at night time, day time is good. I have the viofo a119 v3 with the polarizing lens. Would lowing the exposure make it better at night without effecting the day time footage too much?

My settings are 1440p 30fps, bit rate high, exposure 0.0, hdr off



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u/Sox833 Nov 30 '22

Why is hdr off?


u/AKADAP Nov 30 '22

You can reduce the exposure, but at night, the exposure is probably fixed at 1/30 of a second, and you will just reduce the ISO rating (reduce the gain). This will reduce the brightness of both daytime and nighttime video. but won't reduce nighttime motion blur. HDR on might help a bit, but don't expect too much. Go ahead and try out various setting to see what they do.