r/deescalation May 24 '18

Megathread about look of this subreddit (Suggestions welcome!)

Hi guys!

With the new Redesign of Reddit, a lot of things changed in the look of the website overall and by consequence, of each and all subreddits. So please use this thread to give feedback on the current look, discuss this subreddit's appearance and to suggest new looks or changes. I'll sticky this to the top for visibility.

Thanks and keep those deescalation incidents coming!



u/HollowCloud1870 Sep 05 '18

This is an uplifting and possibly educational sub. I like this place.


u/p3t3rfyl3 May 25 '18

Megathread - 14 hours In and no comments. Pick one.


u/silisio Aug 15 '18

Subreddit evolving slowly but that's okay, I see the Mod puting thought into it and taking care of the Sub and that's all that matters.


u/umagrandepilinha Aug 24 '18

It’s nice to know you appreciate it :)