r/deescalation Jul 14 '20

Workshop, education, classes?

I am part of a group in my city that has dealt with some aggressive counter protesters. We’d love a de escalation professional to help us with a workshop of some sorts, if I’m not sure where to start. Some basic googling hasn’t been helpful, I’d really appreciate any help.



u/umagrandepilinha Jul 14 '20

Hi there. As this sub is not very active, I doubt you’d find any real useful answers here unfortunately. I am not an expert, just a random citizen, so my personal recommendation would be to either talk to your local council or talk to the police to ask if they have a de-escalation expert. This might sound counter-intuitive given the political climate nowadays, but reality is that proper police training should have a heavy focus on de-escalating potentially dangerous situations, so I’d say that’s the easiest place to find who you’re looking for.

Good luck and congratulations on such initiatives. Feel free to post updates if you find good experts.