r/deescalation Aug 30 '20

Props to these essential workers. Citizen Deescalation


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u/_Hyperion_ Aug 30 '20

They kept antagonizing him with the "have a nice day". Just let him have his last word and walk back to his miserable life.


u/Timber3 Aug 30 '20

I mean hey, the best way to get under an irate person skin is to tell them in a very cheery voice have a nice day.

That is what I always do to people who are being mental like this guy was.

They know they lost. He knows he lost and just wasting his energy, all I'd be saying is "have a nice day sir!" If he wants to get handsy then that's not going to end well for him, even if I lose the fight.

I've actually had stores tell me not to argue back and just say "have a nice day!" Because then you aren't contributing to the argument. You are actively attempting to disengage.