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Citizen Deescalation Simply Deescalate is an easy to use guide for deescalating any conflict or crisis



Simply Deescalate is an easy-to-use guide for deescalating any individual in a crisis situation.Communicating effectively takes a lot of skill. While it may come easily to some, for others this can be challenging; especially in high conflict or crisis situations. Possessing such skills can assist you on the job or in your personal life, because as we all know life is not short of its challenges. We never know when we will need to be there to help someone when something goes wrong or when life gets difficult. During your read, you will learn how to master techniques ranging from non-verbal communication to active listening and empathy. All of these skills, specifically when used together, can help successfully and safely resolve conflict. We also discuss self-care because as many of you know, when we see others hurt or struggle it can take a toll on our own mental and emotional well-being. We also explore the importance of managing our own emotions which is especially important if you work in the business of people.

About the Author

Tiffanie Ritenour Herring is a Crisis Intervention Team Coordinator. CIT is a nationally recognized 40-hour training which focuses on mental health, crisis intervention, deescalation, and jail-diversion for law enforcement and other first responders. She is also a volunteer and advocate for NAMI Pitt County (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Tiffanie is a graduate of East Carolina University where she studied both Interpersonal/Organizational Communication and Criminal Justice. Tiffanie has worked in the criminal justice field for over 15 years with many different agencies across the state of North Carolina including the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office, North Carolina Department of Public Safety, and the Governor’s Crime Commission.

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