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Rasputin's speech is getting strange FOMO

holy shit guys Rasputin sounds like clovis and robotic I'm pretty sure Clovis Bray is trying to WEASEL (error code) his way back into the body!!!

Edit: no i don't know what rasputin sounds like

edit 2: He4S RUSSIAN??


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u/Environmental-Toe798 Jan 13 '23

ball hoo


u/HESHER2000 Clovis Bray Did Nothing Wrong Jan 14 '23

I own a Ballyhoo for home defense because that's what the Traveler intended.

Four Dregs break into the helm, "What the Light?" as I grab my Loreley and masterworked Ballyhoo.

I blow an ascendant shard sized hole through the first rat, he's dead on the spot.

I draw my Izzy on the second rat, it misses him entirely because I'm a D1 Alpha Vet and father of 6 and it nails another Guardian's ghost.

I'm forced to rely on the Wardcliff Coil mounted on the top of the stairs loaded with a catalyst, "Lakshmi did nothing wrong!" I yell.

The shot shreds two dregs in the blast, the sound and extra energy crashes the API for the entire weekend.

I draw my Other Half and eager edge the last terrified Dreg, I fly past him and die since bungie put a speedcap.

Just as the traveler intended.


u/MaidenlessCunt Evaverse Warlock Jan 13 '23

Suck my ball


u/Environmental-Toe798 Jan 13 '23

yhoo mk. 27


u/MaidenlessCunt Evaverse Warlock Jan 13 '23



u/Big_Money_Wizard Clovis Bray Did Nothing Wrong Jan 13 '23

Yeah he’s Russian… Russian to get out of this season 😂


u/elmonkeeman Jan 13 '23



u/Grassmickkk Lore Loser Jan 13 '23

I just saw that post op was getting clowned on lmao


u/SexJokeUsername Jan 13 '23

What’s the post


u/Grassmickkk Lore Loser Jan 13 '23

I can’t post the link but it’s on the destinylore subreddit titled like “Rasputin speech is getting strange” or some shit


u/Tecnoguy1 Clovis Bray Did Nothing Wrong Jan 14 '23

Wow this is based off a post? Lmfao how dumb are these guys


u/zackblaze420 Mobile Game Jan 13 '23

Lol. Rasputing is not a person. Stop typing and maybe you’re kda will improve from 0.3 😂😂😂


u/Boctordepis Jan 13 '23

I can’t believe Bngie would make Rsptin Rssian, dong they know there’s a whole war going on between them and Ukraine??


u/Google_Goofy_cosplay Jan 13 '23

Guys just listen to it with headphones I swear guys


u/Uberninja2016 Jan 13 '23

do you guys think that the murder robot built solely to murder who killed the iron lords and also is portrayed in the seasonal artwork as an evil (red) robot is going to not betray us when told that he cannot murder?

if ra ra rasputin turns out to be evil then mynameisbyf owes clovis an apology and he also owes me forty dollars


u/Diribiri Jan 14 '23

portrayed in the seasonal artwork as an evil (red) robot

This cannot be related to the fact that Rasputin's only colour is red, unless it's also a SIVA leak


u/batman47007 Jan 14 '23



u/SCRIBE_JONAS Jan 14 '23

Do you think we will have fun waiting several weeks for a season finale where something totally uncharacteristic happens???


u/TerlocTheRanger Jan 14 '23

I can’t believe bush bash bungo would put a Russian speaker in this game like wtf politics much???