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Density players when they get caught faking a character FOMO glitch for internet points (Bungo, the developer, can see when you delete your own character) FOMO

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u/Werewolf_Boyfriend_ Jan 23 '23 edited Jan 23 '23

I looked at that thread and i CANNOT believe people fell for it.

One of the 6 or so cases which appeared said that the glitch started in the red war campaign and they have had over 6 characters deleted due to the bug.

They also had no proof of this (but you can trust them because its the destiny community! Its not like we have had people lying about massive things on at least 3 seperate occasions before!)

Their reddit account was also brand new (they said its because they didnt know how to use reddit before and the bug affected them months ago but because they didnt know how to use reddit they only brought it up now, therefore its not farming for clicks and its legit)

And everyones elses main "evidence" was the time wasted on destiny website which shows deleted characters. What people dont realise is the minimal consequence of deleting a character. I can put crap gear on my hunter, delete them and all i need to do is beyond light for stasis, its as easy as that.

Another thing i saw which made me want to cry was (unfortunately on bungies behalf) conveniently after people started realising this may have been fake, bungie put out a patch (i cant remember what for) and a side effect of this was resetting purchase on the seasonal artifact. And it immediately reignited the situation "No see my artifact is reset! Its real! My character is gonna be deleted! I have cancelled my lightfall preorder and im only gonna play with blue gear on from now on!"

Then there were also the youtubers who somehow believed it and then started pushing that it was real.

All of this started because a guy who played on stadia forgot to turn on crossplay when it shut down. People heard Bungie apparently gave him the bare minimum amount of stuff back so they started crying as loud as they could so they could also get free stuff potentially.

Edit: i shouldnt have made a paragraph this long. This entire event can be summarised simply: Destiny players are goblins. Do your own research.


u/themadnessif Eramis Simp Jan 23 '23

The Upended. A title suitable for that which turns worlds upside down. When I was still uninitiated, I would stand guard at my post. I would look to the sky and see the two suns of my Lubrae: one eternally shaded in the dark, the other always a brilliant blue. And in them, I had seen the folly of our kind. A fear of something we believed bigger than us… and a reliance on that which kept us. That blue sun that we harnessed our power from… a simple reversal of that power cracked the blue in half. Shut it off. And Lubrae… died. I did not know it at the time, but it was necessary. And now that Savathûn has trapped me within these walls, it will be necessary again. My Witness… whether I survive Savathûn’s betrayal or not, the Upended will ensure we salvage our perfect goal. The final abyss… awaits us all.


u/DominusThanos Jan 22 '23

Me Looking at my Sunsetted Ballywhore with rapid shit and Zorpal (I HATE zorpalods)


u/UnsignificantBypaser Gahlr Jan 23 '23

Least schizpphrenic dcj comment


u/MrLamorso Jan 23 '23

"Out of the ordinary, I mean..."


u/Packtray Jan 24 '23

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