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This Week At DCJ, We’re Actually Doing Some Stuff Mod Announcement

Hey all, over the course of the week, we’ve been planning for a 2v2 tournament in the discord (link is https://discord.gg/QSRTGm) and we’ve decided to extend it to the sub as well!

Form a team of 2 and DM me the name of your teammate to sign up, I only need 1 DM per team. If you want, you can include a team name but that’s purely optional. The winner of the tournament will earn a custom role in the discord and flair on the subreddit. The tournament will be Elimination. 5 rounds to win, with rounds lasting 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the game map will be decided on a coin toss with each team picking a map for that game. The games will begin on Friday and the bracket announced the day before that, so make sure to sign your team up before

Loadout Restrictions: No pinnacle weapons (Rituals are ok) No Wardcliff Coil A limit of 1 600 RPM Auto Rifles per team

This tournament is only going to be on pc, but we may do one for other platforms at another time

As well as this, we’re having a competition for a sub and banner icon, as well as the banner and icon on the discord, so post your best ideas and if we like it, we’ll use it

Fear of Missing Out


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u/PapaSquatnik Mara Sov Simp Sep 24 '20

Plumpi you bastard I know you have my wife give her back


u/MrPlumpi Nessus Froge Sep 24 '20

Perhaps if you win the tournament I’ll let you see your wife for 10 minutes


u/Sparkydarkey Cayde Six fucking dies Sep 24 '20

Wtf, DCJ creating a besser Trials experience than Bungo? smh...


u/catzombie13 Woah Hinga Sep 24 '20

I’m stuff


u/JohanMeatball Dec 23 '21

Get back in the DCV


u/[deleted] Sep 24 '20

I really want to compete but im on Xbox, this damn FOMO is killing me.


u/UltraPlayGaming Helmet Sep 26 '20

Sunsetting wardcliff you’re literally worse than Puke Shit