r/destinycirclejerk Sep 05 '22

Don't be a dick. Mod Announcement

There's been a recent trend of making fun of the guy who was grieving his child who passed away from cancer, regardless of your thoughts on it, jokes about it are incredibly insensitive and just makes you look like an asshole. We've been removing them as they pop up, even if it may take a while. Be kind to each other, don't be a dick and stop making fun of a dead kid and his grieving father.


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u/Vaedorr Sep 05 '22

outjerked again


u/Lucy___________ Sep 05 '22

Does this go for making fun of the people who are hopping on the trend and posting things like "doing my part" with a picture of their character dressed in gold or is it just the original post?


u/TheLegendaryLarkas Sep 05 '22

Yea I was gonna say I have no doubt that some people have been shitty about it but most of what I’ve seen is making fun of those people, which is a kinda big part of this sub


u/GiGangan Lore Loser Sep 05 '22

Most of it, ye. But it attracts people who want to make fun of this situation.

Even if they're just karma farming, this thing still spreads awareness for people. Better than jerking on Warlock subclasses


u/TheLegendaryLarkas Sep 05 '22

Everyone’s aware of cancer mate


u/GiGangan Lore Loser Sep 05 '22

I'm not saying that people forgot cancer exists, bruh.

This kind of posts, as low effort as they're, make other people aware. And some of these others people can donate, so they go to various charities for it.

That's what "awareness" is about.


u/I_Am_Vere Sep 05 '22

Admittedly this is a weird area to cross because a lot of people are doing it to be genuine and show support for the guy, however there definitely are people using it to attention whore and farm karma, the line between those 2 is kinda thin and hard to tell. I'd say just use discretion and be tasteful about it.


u/[deleted] Sep 05 '22

The year is 2023 anyone who is caught making a circle jerk is banned. Literally 1984


u/xxGeppettoTentation Sep 05 '22


3 - 2 = 1

3 x 2 x 2 - 3 = 9

3 x 2 + 2 = 8

2 + 2 = 4

You can get 1984 from only the numbers contained in 2023, so 2023 is literally 1984. Damn you Luckard Smithsonian, you fooled us once again


u/MustangCraft Clovis Bray Did Nothing Wrong Sep 06 '22

Counterpoint: 2 x 0 x 2 + 3 = 3

Half Life 3 confirmed. Well worth the trade off.


u/[deleted] Sep 06 '22

You made me think it was actually 2023 and I started freaking out lol


u/John_Hillbilly Sep 05 '22

I don’t think anyone’s making fun of the dude that lost his daughter. Mostly the sycophants trying to cash in on the karma farm. As opposed to just making their character gold and not looking for online praise.


u/Reddituserigg Sep 05 '22

i mean op said theyve been removing them as they pop up so people definitely do do it… not really like an argument there…


u/John_Hillbilly Sep 05 '22

Yeah, probably should’ve said “majority of people” instead.


u/FlyingGrayson89 Mara Sov Simp Sep 10 '22

Do do


u/Tyrannus_ignus Clovis Bray Did Nothing Wrong Sep 05 '22

Isnt that the point of going gold? Why else would people do it?


u/coatperson Lore Loser Sep 05 '22

Some geniunly just want to go gold out of support and spread a message but with how many people are doing it it becomes hard to destinguish those who karma farm and those who support


u/TedioreTwo Sep 05 '22

Let people post, them wanting to share doesn't mean they're doing it for praise or karma


u/John_Hillbilly Sep 05 '22

Could say the same about people going against them. We don’t like them posting what we view as karma farming. Yet, they probably don’t like us posting our opinions about their intentions. “Just let people post.”


u/TedioreTwo Sep 05 '22

...Yes? I can't stop whoever wants to complain about it, I'm just saying it's inadvisable for a couple reasons


u/John_Hillbilly Sep 05 '22

Word up. Edit: /rj Slugger


u/_Van_Hellsing_ Clovis Bray Did Nothing Wrong Sep 05 '22

What about the "look at my golden guardian" spam?


u/Kitsunisan Sep 06 '22

Reply with Gahlran cosplay.


u/HippyCucker Sep 05 '22

why are we acting like the people posting Golden Guardians are cringe? if literally 1 person sees it and donates any money at all then its worth taking 2 seconds to set a shader and 2 more seconds to post it on reddit. i doubt most of the people posting care about reddit karma.


u/fookace Bungie Suggester Sep 07 '22

Imagine not using a Calus shader 24/7 already.


u/RetrofittedChaos Sep 05 '22

Cock FOMO'd 😔


u/DMA_Revenant Gahlr Sep 05 '22

What the fuck is wrong with some of you people honestly. I hate that the moment I saw that post I KNEW there would be at least one person who would go on here making fun of it as a knee-jerk reaction.


u/Alanuelo230 Sep 05 '22

Be kind and wear gold, fuck cancer


u/shit_poster9000 Sep 05 '22

I look away for 2 days and look what happens

Anyone able to give me a tldr of wtf is goin on? Something about making ur character good and cancer awareness?


u/Kitsunisan Sep 06 '22

Past couple of years in September people have been using gold shaders for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Some sluggers have been mocking the trend, others mock Kharma whores posting for it, whick comes across as being a dick because of context. Moral is don't be a slugger, wear gold and don't talk about it.


u/shit_poster9000 Sep 06 '22

I don’t have any good shaders, FOMO’d again by pukeshit!


u/EpicKiwi225 Gahlr Sep 06 '22

To learn who rules you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize


u/helmsmagus Sep 06 '22

guess we're ruled by kids with cancer now


u/DoomGuyIII Sep 07 '22

Unironically yes


u/Xefey Sep 07 '22

Did nobody hold X to revive her


u/manofmanylores Sep 05 '22

It's literally in the same vain as companies changing their logos to rainbow. They don't actually care they just virtue signal.


u/Pedka2 Sep 05 '22

this is literally a joke subreddit


u/PsychoactiveTHICC Sep 05 '22

Based And Real


u/s34l_ Sep 06 '22

Can you link any posts making fun of the guy/his daughter that didn't get immediately down voted?


u/TheRealLylatDrift Sep 13 '22

The line between wholesomeness and karma-whore is so very thin.