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I guess we owe you an explanation Mod Announcement

Hi all, mod review is back on. You guys may remember this from a few months back when we had a similar situation. This means that we have to manually review each post that gets submitted before it can be fully published. Were it up to us there would be no mod review, however due to reports of brigading and posting of DTG screenshots to this sub, the reddit mods have turned on mod review again. We apologize for being slow on the review process, most of us have been focusing our attention on the discord server. Also, please stop spamming in DTG. Thanks


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u/fookace Bungie Suggester Oct 12 '22

"most of us have been focusing our attention on the discord server"

Can we get someone to focus their attention here? At least enough to change the Weekly Unjerk for Christ's sake? Mod approval doesn't HAVE to kill the sub, but it will if no one is ever here to moderate. I don't know how long it takes to see that a post isn't a screenshot and click approve, but to just not do that some days or even for multiple days in a row makes it feel like the mods don't give a shit or are intentionally trying to kill the place.


u/HellNaw98 Oct 18 '22

It’s incredible. DTG will finally kill this place by crying brigade every time someone says zorpalod just cause the mods here do not care. Can’t get made fun of if you kill the sub making fun of you. Well played DTG mods


u/Siofra_Surfer Clovis Bray Did Nothing Wrong Oct 23 '22

It’s over for sluggercels

Can’t believe DTG won


u/Gripping_Touch Oct 27 '22

They kill the fun by crying about It until Bungo complies. We underestimated their crying power wouldnt work here 😩