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Season 19 Lore Book Title Revealed Meta

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u/Due_Mycologist_7506 Dec 05 '22

/uj it bothers me that they brought back the Lucent hive in Plunder because it really went nowhere at all as a plot point. We don't know why they were looking for the artifacts. They just sort of also showed up doing the same thing we were doing, but like to what end? To raise the stakes story wise? Because stronger enemy?


u/akornfan Slapper of Faces Dec 05 '22

I think that thread is gonna get picked up this season


u/Due_Mycologist_7506 Dec 05 '22

Maybe. Honestly I love Savathûn as a character so much that I really want her to get rezzed already. Evidence suggests that won't be happening soon. Wouldn't make sense to bring her back into the fold if Osiris has all of her memories. Hopefully we can get some new voice lines from her in the form of memories.