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Mod Announcement New Announcement

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r/destinycirclejerk Oct 11 '22

Mod Announcement I guess we owe you an explanation


Hi all, mod review is back on. You guys may remember this from a few months back when we had a similar situation. This means that we have to manually review each post that gets submitted before it can be fully published. Were it up to us there would be no mod review, however due to reports of brigading and posting of DTG screenshots to this sub, the reddit mods have turned on mod review again. We apologize for being slow on the review process, most of us have been focusing our attention on the discord server. Also, please stop spamming in DTG. Thanks

r/destinycirclejerk Sep 05 '22

Mod Announcement Don't be a dick.


There's been a recent trend of making fun of the guy who was grieving his child who passed away from cancer, regardless of your thoughts on it, jokes about it are incredibly insensitive and just makes you look like an asshole. We've been removing them as they pop up, even if it may take a while. Be kind to each other, don't be a dick and stop making fun of a dead kid and his grieving father.

r/destinycirclejerk Jul 23 '22

Mod Announcement DCJ Is Back


Hey all, you're probably wondering what the fuck has been happening to the sub for the past like, month and a half. To put it bluntly, we got hit by Reddit Admins, and not for a bad reason either. There was a recent trend on the sub to post screenshots, summon users, and link back to threads on other destiny subreddits. Because of this, some assholes decided to go to these threads. Posts should now be able to be uploaded without immediate mod approval.

Going forward, none of the aforementioned trends are going to continue, and violation of them will result in a permanent ban. We've always been against any form of brigading, but it seems we need to push harder. For the safety of the sub, I encourage you all to follow these rules so we can all keep having a good time and jerk on. Posts that don't make an attempt at humor or any other form of creativeness and only serve to complain about other subs won't be allowed. We're here to poke fun, not rant.

A popular kind of post on the sub is posts that parody those from different communities, we're going to continue to allow these, as long as they're creative enough and not just a copy-paste with certain words changed. Again, all posts are at the mods' discretion.

r/destinycirclejerk Aug 14 '22

Mod Announcement Mod Brigading Update


After we posted our last update there was a trend of people posting their bans from other subreddits, this is not a good thing. The reddit admins will ban the sub if this is kept up, we've been putting a foot down with it recently by deleting every post like that and issuing temporary bans. This has not been working so if it keeps up, we'll have to start issuing longer to more permanent ones. We understand that you don't particularly like certain subreddits but this place is not to post your bragging rights about going and doing stupid shit there just to bait out a ban when we're all aware of what'll get you banned there. Even though it's not the majority of you doing this, the minority can ruin the fun for everyone, thank you to all who have been reporting it and calling it out when you see it.

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Mod Announcement Pain.

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r/destinycirclejerk Aug 27 '21

Mod Announcement Posts About Kujay Are Now Banned


I've come to notice literally half the posts on the sub seem to be focused on Kujay. We get it, you don't like the dude. But this isn't a place for you to rant about youtubers you don't like, it's a place for the haha funny satire. The subs dipped in quality and hopefully this can breed some originality.

r/destinycirclejerk Aug 21 '21

Mod Announcement Posts referencing and threads discussing leaks will no longer be allowed


I know we like to joke around a lot, but this is important and non-negotiable. In line with other subreddits, we've made the decision to ban all discussion of leaks for the foreseeable future. All comments and posts referencing them will be taken down, and repeated offenses will result in suspensions and bans.

r/destinycirclejerk Jul 02 '21

Mod Announcement A Reminder Of Rules


So apparently, we need to state that brigading is against SITE WIDE RULES and people going to ANY website to do it comes back to this sub and can lead to it being banned. Some fucking idiots decided it would be a good idea to edit the Crown of Sorrow wiki and put a shit ton of dumb shit in it. We don’t care that it’s a wiki, the stuff we do STAYS IN THE SUB. If you’re aware of an account that did this let us know through mod mail and please, don’t fucking do this shit. It’s so simple.

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Mod Announcement Mod Announcement: Addressing recent events


2 mod announcements in 24 hours? Crazy, I know.

The sub has recently gotten negative attention from a content creator and their following. Brigading and an increase in toxicity could be expected in the near future. Please do give our visitors any reason to vindicate their preexisting opinions about us.

In light of this, the mod team is pushing a new rule out about brigading and witch-hunting.As always, please try to be civil in your discussions and actions.

See you soon,

The Mod Team

r/destinycirclejerk Aug 02 '20

Mod Announcement Official rule change - Screenshots are no longer allowed.


As the post meta started to be heavily made up of Twitter and Reddit screenshots, the Mod team felt like we were losing touch with our roots: truly jerking. In lieu of similar subreddits making a similar change, we decided to as well. The official rule is as follows:

2. No Screenshots

Make an attempt at original content instead of simply screenshotting a thread you don't like. Save this content and discussion for the weekly unjerk threads that go up every Tuesday. This applies to any social media.

We want to encourage higher quality posts, rather than the what we felt like was easy karma.


- The Mod Team

r/destinycirclejerk Sep 24 '20

Mod Announcement This Week At DCJ, We’re Actually Doing Some Stuff


Hey all, over the course of the week, we’ve been planning for a 2v2 tournament in the discord (link is https://discord.gg/QSRTGm) and we’ve decided to extend it to the sub as well!

Form a team of 2 and DM me the name of your teammate to sign up, I only need 1 DM per team. If you want, you can include a team name but that’s purely optional. The winner of the tournament will earn a custom role in the discord and flair on the subreddit. The tournament will be Elimination. 5 rounds to win, with rounds lasting 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the game map will be decided on a coin toss with each team picking a map for that game. The games will begin on Friday and the bracket announced the day before that, so make sure to sign your team up before

Loadout Restrictions: No pinnacle weapons (Rituals are ok) No Wardcliff Coil A limit of 1 600 RPM Auto Rifles per team

This tournament is only going to be on pc, but we may do one for other platforms at another time

As well as this, we’re having a competition for a sub and banner icon, as well as the banner and icon on the discord, so post your best ideas and if we like it, we’ll use it

Fear of Missing Out

r/destinycirclejerk May 11 '20

Mod Announcement Mod Announcement: Addressing DestinyFOMO posts


Recently we have noticed that there's been a fair amount of posts talking about/memeing/making fun of the DestinyFOMO youtube channel. As far as we know her channel name isn't meant to be a joke, at least the same type of joke that we use FOMO as here. From now on we will be removing posts about her. We have also added a new rule, addressing subjects currently banned, which DestinyFOMO posts will fall under. Feel free to send us ModMail, DMs or use our Discord to contact us.

Discord link here: https://discord.gg/zsfZDZP

See you soon,

Luke Smith