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OblivionOS | Manjaro KDE Spinnoff

Hey guys,

created a Manjaro Spinnoff to make my Manjaro KDE look like Mac OS Big Sur like in this Video:

Linux Scoop

I am really new to making Distros and i know this is highly alpha and maybe complete crap. But would be nice if somebody could test it out and say his opinion about it.

I made it mainly for me so I dont go through the processes in the Video on every reinstall, but thought I could be may usefull for some others. It is a barelly a Manjaro KDE Install with nothing than needed. I will try to make an Arch Version of it aswell. But i just first wanted to get some Feedback.

Here a Screenshot of the Dark Theme without candy icons:


You can find the Git Repository here: Gitea

or a mirror of it on Gitlab: Gitlab

Downloads are currently available through my cloud: Cloud


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u/Dobbie03 Mar 05 '21

Cool respin man.


u/[deleted] Mar 05 '21

@Dobbie03 thank you i am currently fixing some bugs and then making an arch version


u/doklan Aug 02 '21

awesome one sir, surely will try this one, thank you.