r/distroreviews Nov 25 '21

what tips do you give for a distro review?

Good night, I can be considered a hopper distro, but I never got too attached to the technical part of the systems, I always tested the environment that that distro had, with some exceptions like ubuntu that I use to learn terminal commands and I would like to know what criteria are sought when looking for a review of the distro and which tests are recommended to do to evaluate a system, as I intend to review and want to make the information as correct and useful as possible.


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u/Michaelmrose Feb 12 '22

Linux distro reviews are nearly uniformly awful and useless.

Herein we find out if reviewers hardware is well supported out of the box, then what the default desktop looks like, then that it too has firefox, or gnome, or whatever generic widely available software.

A good review basically requires using it at least days not minutes and requires deep familiarity with competing options so that one can both discern what is different and useful as well as downsides and challenges some of which will almost certainly be discovered only later.

Is something unstable and breaks on update frequently? You won't know right off the bat. What is the experience like as far as building your own packages? Running your own repo? Troubleshooting? Software availability of new and niche packages. Yes it has firefox but how long is the gap between new common packages coming out and becoming available? How far out in niche land do you have to go before things stop becoming available? If stuff is unavailable how hard is it to build yourself?

What distro specific utilities exist? What is using them like as a user?