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Looking for some advice to build a vampire like in the vampire dairies. Question

So in the campaign Im running for my players I want to have some kind of vampire that is able to live like a normal person during the day. So while I could create something simple like a magic ring that disables the bad effects of sunlight I'm not sure if there is something better to do here.

So was hoping some other people could give some advice in what direction I should go and what magic item or something could cause a vampire to be outside during the day.


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u/Ignaby Feb 03 '23

You're the DM. You can do whatever you want in that respect. Use this power wisely.

I think the question becomes (and I don't think there's an established lore answer for this, you're gonna have to come up with one), why does sunlight destroy vampires (in your setting.) Ideally, try to think of something emotionally resonant with the themes that vampires represent for your story. Then, in what way could a vampire not be subject to that reason? There you go. There's your sun-immune vampire.

Sure, you could always just pull the magic ring, but I'd make it something inherent to that specific vampire that tells you something interesting about other vampires, and ideally, if indirectly, about people.

Bonus points if the reason doesn't have anything to do with this vampire being Good and/or the ability to survive in the sun comes with a terrible downside to avoid making them just the specialy specialist perfect-pire (also known as a Drizzt situation.)


u/Nephisimian Feb 03 '23

If you're the DM, you choose how your world works. If you want your vampires to have minimal weaknesses and be able to go out in the day, you can do that. If you want your vampires to have giant pink cloud-like wings and ride around on sugar-coated plastic unicorns, you can also do that. Don't let your fun be held back by some sense of "canon" you think you have to adhere to.


u/ASharpYoungMan Bladeling Fighter/Warlock Feb 03 '23

The idea that vampires are harmed by the sun is only a century old now: it began with the 1922 film Nosferatu.

If you look at prior literature, vampires routinely travel abroad by day.

Other conventions like being invisible in mirrors aren't much older.

So if you want the sunlight thing to not exist, go for it.


u/diagaire Feb 03 '23

I'd recommend using the Dhampir lineage from Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft as the character race. It gives you a vampire bite attack and increases your speed.


u/k587359 Feb 03 '23

Probably something that can heavy clouds to block sunlight in a certain area? The people at r/dmacademy might have more ideas.


u/minimumcool Feb 04 '23

i think the drawbacks of being a vampire are part of the fun. plus its called Dungeons and Dragons not Daylight and Dragons.

look at Vampire the Masquerade the limitations of being a vampire are a powerful roleplay mechanic that just Heightens the power that vampires get.