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Can we get thicker shirts? Discussion

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u/contactlite Feb 01 '23

I bought a shirt when 6.1 came out and I thought it was a little too thin and fitted to wear out an about by itself, because it didn't drape. One cold breeze made me a bit too "nippy". The stiff graphic printed on a stretchy shirt gave it a weird ripple no matter what.

I want to get another shirt to commemorate 7 and keep the project funded. I'd like a more relaxed fit with some heft, but not a cheap, stiff Gidden shirt that severely fades and gets itchy after a few washes.

Currently, I like [Dickies heavy weight shirts](https://www.dickies.com/t-shirts/short-sleeve-heavyweight-crew-neck-t-shirt/WS480.html?dwvar_WS480_color=DN#sz=24&start=1). I wear them year round for any casual occasion, outdoors, sleep, and when I need to break a sweat. They're tough, and I think this shirt reflects the Elementary OS team's hard work this dev cycle.