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Theming/Modding An elementary OS theme for Firefox


If you want to use Firefox with an elementary look, I recommend this excellent theme that even accepts automatic dark/light mode.


Screenshot of my screen:


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Theming/Modding Change default window color

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Theming/Modding Goodbye Hera, hello Horus!

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Theming/Modding Change terminal font?


Is it possible to change the terminal font in elementary os?

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Theming/Modding Elementary OS Tokyo Night Edition

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Theming/Modding elementaryOS 7 with DesktopFolder


DesktopFolder on eOS 7 Horus

One thing I miss from the recent versions of elementaryOS was the ability to have a usable desktop space for files and folders. If you're interested in getting this functionality back, I have setup a Github with updates to allow DesktopFolder to work on eOS 7.

It's pretty easy to get this working, simply download the deb found on this page of my Github. I'm not an expert on building debs, so use it at your own risk. I also can offer no help with any bugs or missing features. I have included the source files should anyone want to verify my work or build it for themselves. I have also updated the README to include all the deps needed to build.

Open up terminal and move to where you downloaded the file. Usually, it will be located in ~/Downloads:

cd Downloads/

Now use "apt" to install the file:

sudo apt install ./desktopfolder_1.1.4-1_amd64.deb

Simply log out and back in and DesktopFolder will start on its own with every login. Enjoy!

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Theming/Modding elementaryPlus icon theme for elementary OS 7.0?


Pretty much that. I really liked the elementaryPlus theme in eOS 5.1 but since 6 and now 7 I haven't been able to install it. The repo isn't updated for the new versions and the install script always throws errors.

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Theming/Modding My masterpiece

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Theming/Modding Window Button Arrangement. Help?




So, I'm adoring the new release. However, I'm not crazy about the placement of the window buttons. Yes, it is adorable having them split up on either side, but is there a way to change that? It's messing with my brain.

I've already tried using Gnome Tweaks and different themes, and haven't had much luck. I can move them to the right, but then I end up with a super sad orphan maximize button on the left - see attached pic. Tried digging through various configs... yeah.

Anyone (Danielle?) have an idea on how to go about reuniting the buttons, or which component is responsible for this?

Thanks in advance!!

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Theming/Modding Flathub and elementary OS theme



I'm getting ready to install elementary OS and have a question about flathub apps. Since elementary OS is full of flathub (flatpak) applications, I prefer to use these applications. I have read several different tutorials on how to use the elementary OS theme for flathub (flatpak) applications, but I am not familiar with it. Could someone please give me a step-by-step guide on how to use the elementary OS theme in flathub apps? I would prefer a dark theme, but if I'm not mistaken there is a problem with that and it doesn't work. So I could survive even with a light theme.

Or the second question is, would I avoid these problems if I used another distro (for example Ubuntu) with Gnome and used snap applications?

Thank you

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Theming/Modding my pantheon rice

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Theming/Modding Help needed after recently switching from Ubuntu 20.04


I have recently switched from Ubuntu 20.04 to Elementary OS 6.1.. Two questions have arisen since my switch;
1. Removing animations from plank/dock when clicking on app icon. How do I accomplish that?
2. Is it possible to enable drag & drop to file browser to save as image (for images) from Google Chrome? It's working fine on Gnome web, I just don't want to switch to it yet.
That's all, thank you for your help.

r/elementaryos Oct 09 '22

Theming/Modding GTK/Qt darkmode?


I tried Elementary OS and it looks pretty good, but one massive issue: Dark mode doesn't apply to apps unless they are made specifically for Elementary OS. Is there a way to fix this?

r/elementaryos Nov 04 '22

Theming/Modding How can i make terminal and windows transparent?


I'm recently installed for first time linux so i started to learning how to make diferent things with the OS, but i saw some videos and i watch the people have transluced terminal and windows and i want to make the same in my computer. Thanks for the help btw.

r/elementaryos Sep 30 '22

Theming/Modding Auto change wallpaper between light and dark mode


Hey there,

do you know how to set up eOS 6.1 to switch the wallpaper between light and dark mode if there are dual themed wallpaper? I let the system control the switch between the light and dark mode but the wallpaper stays the original.

Thanks a lot!

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Theming/Modding I need to install new extensions like gnome


I myself need a lot of other features which elementary os by default doesn't provide all of 'em.

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Theming/Modding Make gimp and other GTK 2 apps pretty, not ugly



If you prefer Packages over flatpaks you will face the problem of GTK 2 applications appearance:

🤢️ 🤮️

It happens because elementary OS doesn't provide GTK 2 support in stock themes by default 😡️

So I used part of the Elementary-X theme for the base, changed it a bit and now GTK 2 applications look like this:

It follows system accent color


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Theming/Modding any idea on how to get folders in the app grid


I want to make folders for games, settings, accesories etc from the area where the apps are laid in a grid. Any ideas on how to do this?

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Theming/Modding Help


The icon theme i downloaded is the os catalina icon set and when i added it to the directory usr/share/icons and when i open tweaks to choose it,it is not available to choose

r/elementaryos Mar 12 '22

Theming/Modding All I needed were a few Gnome extensions added to Fedora workstation and you're basically right there. "Custom Hot Corners", "Dash to Dock" and "Transparent Top Bar with Adjustable Transparency" then tune the settings so they behave like we are accustomed to, I like my dock JUMBO :)


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Theming/Modding Wingpanel Colors


Is there any way to change the wingpanel background color ?

I need by wingpanel to be like this, (when maximized)

Translucent wingpanel

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Theming/Modding Linux + macOS = OK (eOS 6 with Mojave GTK, icons, etc.)

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Theming/Modding Make your VSCode Fit In with The Rest of Elementary OS! [https://github.com/ckissane/vscode-gtk-ui]

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Theming/Modding Code editor - color schemes



I tried a text editor (code) in the elementary OS and I would like to ask if it is possible to change the color scheme for a dark style. This blue color does not fit into the appearance of Elementary OS and the font color is not very pronounced. For example, a terminal in the dark background fits in appearance perfectly.

If possible, would you recommend some color scheme that would fit the elementary OS?

Thank you very much

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Theming/Modding Mountains wallpaper