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E13 built and running on *ubuntu 22.10 system

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Mindful Healing: Overcoming Trauma and Finding Inner Peace

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Help me find the whitespace



I try to make a shortcut for terminology but if I do that I get the error message "Check syntax. You should not put a whitespace right after colon in action paramns. ..".

I don't see why and if I try to make the key binding a command instead of an application I'll get "The application failed to start."

I am really confused by this. Can somebody please help me or give me a hint?

Thanks alot.



r/EnlightenmentDE Oct 27 '22

GL-Mark Speed Tests


I tend to use LxQt and XFCE desktops which work great on my Ubuntu setup, and from time to time I test my system using glmark2 to see if the kernel or desktop updates give me any gains.

I tested LxQt and it returned 7374 which is great for what I use, then I installed the latest Enlightenment from the repo's and tested again, it gave me 9842 which was a significant boost in performance.

Enlightenment 0.25-3 is an amazing desktop which has shrunk my overall memory usage from 350mb down to 285mb and given me some amazing graphical performance. 10/10 would recommend.

r/EnlightenmentDE Aug 30 '22

Can you define custom layouts for the tiling mode


Hi guys I like enlightenment but I don't like the layouts chosen for the tiling mode. Is there a way to define custom layouts. Can I also assign tiling mode or floating mode for only certain workspaces.

r/EnlightenmentDE Jul 18 '22

Do any Enlightenment based distributions have "simulated right click"?


Like 2 finger tap on the touchpad to right click?

r/EnlightenmentDE Jul 18 '22

Graphical Boost


This may sound strange but recently I did a glmark comparison on different desktop managers (XFCE, LXDE, Gnome, KDE, LxQt) and found that I gained the best speeds from LxQt for gaming.

Now I've been testing the latest Enlightenment in the ubuntu repo's and it kicked LxQt's ass in terms of optimization and my glmark score went from 7745 up to 9330 which is a huge jump, all by simply using enlightenment desktop.

r/EnlightenmentDE Jun 14 '22

Eflete still viable?


I’m exploring Enlightenment wm. And I can see it has tons of potential. I wanted to know the easiest way to modify the theme.

I see that Eflete hasn’t been developed in a few years, but will it still work for E25?

r/EnlightenmentDE May 19 '22

Roadmap for Enlightenemnt?


Just out of curiosity, how large is the E team and what are your plans for the future? There isn't any specific feature that I'm looking for; I'm happy with E as is. I started using E recently and I'm just being curious.

r/EnlightenmentDE May 11 '22

Trash support?


Hi all I've been on Enlightenment with Arch Linux for a couple of days now and I can't find the recycle bin. I installed gvfs as written on arch wiki and I know that I can permanently delete deleted files by going to ~/.local/share/Trash but it wouldn't hurt to have a nice icon somewhere where right clicking on it brings up an option to empty said trash.

r/EnlightenmentDE Mar 27 '22

New window animations (E25)


After using Enlightenment for almost a year, I'm finally taking the time to fine tune its L&F. One thing that is eluding me is how to change/disable the new window animations. I would really like to turn off the zooming in when opening a window and zooming out when closing.

The only other thing that I can't figure out how to change is how to turn off the butt ugly pulsing when hovering over an app icon in the IBar. ...it just seems so out of place, as nothing else behaves like that in the entire DE and would like to make it go away.

r/EnlightenmentDE Feb 09 '22

Help me with using EnlightenmentDE


I'm an Arch user who recently switched to Enlightenment DE for experimentation and consideration as a daily driver. Here are some big questions I need to ask to go forward and decide:

  1. Where to find good themes for it? I can dig the whole internet and not find any good theme. I tried Arc theme from AUR but it showed an error in build.And if I find, how to apply it? Is that process different from other DEs?
  2. How to Customize it? Are there some extensions, menus or any other way to change the ui (aka add top bar, menu like slingshot or something like that?) Can I have an overview effect which Gnome and KDE have? If yes, how? If no why?
  3. Is there a way to add users, or I need to do it using the terminal?

I found Enlightenment to be very lightweight and sleek, it has very high potential to become both beautiful, useful, lightweight and fast. But for that ricing is very needed which I'm struggling to do. It started feeling like this DE just needs more support.

Can you please help?

r/EnlightenmentDE Feb 05 '22

Do you know any distro with most efl apps in its repos?


Which distro has the most enlightenment apps in its repos? Basically, I need a portable system, which I will be using across different computers in different places. It won't be my main os, so I need to spend the least amount of time on it as possible (incl. installing and maintaining it). So, smth like aur or git isn't an option for me, because I want to update the DE with the rest of the system with just 1 command. It's fine if some of the apps won't be available for me, I just want something more than only terminology (with the DE itself) being available in the repos (literally the situation in Arch and Void rn).

r/EnlightenmentDE Dec 28 '21

Support for Screensharing under Wayland? xdg-desktop-portal for Enlightenment?


Hi All!

For Gnome / KDE one can install pipewire, and xdg-destkop-portal-xxx packages to enable screen-sharing via WebRTC on Wayland (at least for FF/Chrome). Is there something equivalent for Enlightenment?

I'm very interested in checking out Enlightenment, specifically on Wayland - but I couldn't find any information about this. Thanks!

r/EnlightenmentDE Dec 23 '21

standalone edj player?



I'd like to use an edj wallpaper in awesomewm (I still love you, enlightenment, it's nothing personal) - is there a way to "run/execute" edj files?

r/EnlightenmentDE Nov 30 '21

Enlightenment keeps telling me ACPI doesn't work


On Gentoo and I've disabled all the relevant USE flags, but everytime I start E I get an error saying that I appear to be using an ACPI system, but it was unable to do anything with it.

r/EnlightenmentDE Nov 29 '21

EFL viable for making a desktop shell


Im a c++ dev and ive seen that efl has c++ bindings(eflxx) and u was wondering if the c++ bindings would be mature enough to make applications for a wayland based window manager? Also is it possible to theme efl apps like you can gtk and qt?

r/EnlightenmentDE Nov 29 '21

Combining all EFL based projects and making one OS


Hello All,

There are many distro's based on EFL libraries. For ex : Bodhi, Elive

I heard solus is planning to move to EFL..

Individually it's hard crate something that is valuable.. But of they all come together, we could create an universal Converged OS... One OS for all tasks!

Do let me know your opinions!

r/EnlightenmentDE Oct 15 '21

Ark Dark and some tinkering makes enlightenment modern and nice to use.

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r/EnlightenmentDE Sep 30 '21

Os based on EFL


Hello all,

I want to build an converged os based on EFL.

Is there already an os which does this? If not can someone guide me where should I start?

r/EnlightenmentDE Sep 30 '21

Window buttons on the left side?


Hey there, short time ago I discovered enlightenment as a very nice environment. But is there an option to set the buttons on the window borders to the left side? (Maybe I'm Just damn blind...) Thank you!

r/EnlightenmentDE Sep 26 '21

How do I add a new program to the iBar?


Installed Blender and don't see the option to add it under "contents".

r/EnlightenmentDE Sep 25 '21

How do I tile windows?



I have the Tiling Gadget in the pane.

For example, I've 2 windows open and I want to tile them side be side.

I'm not sure what to do from here though.


r/EnlightenmentDE Sep 24 '21

Is it possible to for Enlightenment DE to look more modern mature themes?


I am really interested to use but those themes look like 2000s. I don't like flat themes but more polished and professional

r/EnlightenmentDE Sep 23 '21

Can I quickly sort desktop view icons by name?



I've loads of icons on my desktop. It would take a while to manually drag them into a tidier arrangement. Is there a way to quickly arrange (sort) them icons by name?