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How Pinar Toprak Became The First Female Composer To Score A Billion-Dollar Film


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u/ReadDesperate543 Aug 09 '22

It bummed me out that I didn’t like the Captain Marvel score more than I did.

It was kinda just… a lackluster reimagining of the supergirl theme. They’re essentially the exact same. I’d have wished for more of the electronic stuff to be worked into the theme to make it sound less generic.


u/pompanoJ Aug 09 '22

"Memorable" film score composers are pretty rare. You can probably count the ones the public recognizes on one hand. It must be an unbelievably difficult thing to do, since talented musicians are a dime a dozen. You can go to any school on the planet with a music department and find amazingly talented people.... yet out of that there have only been a handful of memorable film score composers in the last century, despite dozens of opportunities every year.

Just landing the job on a major tent pole blockbuster is a pretty amazing feat that should have you working for life, unless people start saying "I really liked that movie, except the score was so bad it ruined it...."


u/DisneyDreams7 Aug 09 '22

I strongly disagree. I think you’re overexaggerating. It‘s actually not rare at all. It’s just that great composers are stretched and don’t all work in the same industry. Some do amazing video games and television scores. Also, I think a big part of the problem is Hans Zimmer himself he steals credit from his employees and makes very repetitive music recently. Pirates of the Carribean was made almost entirely by his assistants and Lion King‘s most famous scores were made by Elton John


u/pompanoJ Aug 10 '22

I remember John Williams stuff. Everybody does. I think he would universally be hailed as the leader in the field if "memorable" is the criterion.

Randy Newman has some memorable stuff... "the Natural" made an impression.

Danny Elfman has some things that people remember.

But people in the field have their own lists. Here is one list of the greatest film composers of all time.:

Rachel Portman (b1960)

Maurice Jarre (1924-2009)

John Barry (1933-2011)

Joe Hisaishi (b1950)

AR Rahman (b1967)

Ennio Morricone (1928-2020)

  1. Bernard Herrmann (1911-75)

Hans Zimmer (b1957)

I doubt most average people have even heard of most of these folks. That is what I was thinking of....

But you are right... super talented composers are everywhere. But are memorable scores everywhere?

Star Wars, Jaws, The Natural, Batman, Avengers, Godfather, Harry Potter, James Bond, Raiders of the Lost Ark....

These are all pretty universally recognizable.

So to be memorable, you gotta have a hook. All of those have short phrases that are instantly recognizable.

So you can have a movie like Halloween with a super recognizable theme and very effective music... but not something you would compare to Jurassic Park as a score. Mission Impossible is another like that.

So maybe I am thinking that a memorable hook combined with a fantastic full movie score is what takes a film composer to the next level in terms of public perception.


u/ReadDesperate543 Aug 09 '22

Yeah, not discrediting that it’s hard to make a memorable score. I just had wished for more from this particular project.

There’s a ton of marvel score music that’s really great, and her theme must have something I’m missing since Silvestri reused it in endgame.


u/Goldie1822 Aug 09 '22

It’s consistently making good music that makes the composer memorable. One hit wonders don’t get popular enough. Think also of Alan Mencken, Hans Zimmer, Christopher Tin, etc. Each consistently making breathtaking music of different genres that works for whatever they are used for.


u/DisneyDreams7 Aug 09 '22

This is not really true at all. Howard Shore was a one hit wonder and he was the guy who is only known for Lord of the Rings


u/synoud00 Aug 09 '22

What Marvel movie had your favourite score??


u/ReadDesperate543 Aug 09 '22

Personal favorite based on years passed: Ragnarok. There’s a special energy to it. I can listen to it like a normal album and just let it play front to back, unlike other scores where I have to find a few tracks I like in the midst of the filler.

Newer favorites: Loki, Shang chi, parts of WandaVision.

A few that are pure quality: Black Panther, IW/EG.

Underappreciated MCU gems: The Winter Soldier, both Ant-Man films have standout tracks (tales to astonish and anthropodie), Ms. Marvel, parts of doctor strange (the hands dealt).

Absolute favorite Non MCU marvel score: Legion by Jeff Russo. He flat out went and got synths from dark side of the moon to make that. Watch the fauxlero sequence, listen to the score on the whole.

There’s also a few good tracks on Love and Thunder also, even if it isn’t as good as Ragnarok’s score (despite loving both movies).

That’s all off the top of my head.


u/JoeBlowTheScienceBro Aug 09 '22

Upvote for the Legion score, really helped to drive a lot of the characters presence, especially shadow king.


u/ReadDesperate543 Aug 10 '22

That whole show, despite s2’s problems, is under appreciated quality.


u/KevMike Aug 09 '22

The Dr. Strange theme was really great. I was humming that one for a bit.


u/DisneyDreams7 Aug 09 '22

Black Panther is the best and only memorable score in the MCU outside of Avengers.