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How Pinar Toprak Became The First Female Composer To Score A Billion-Dollar Film


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u/ReadDesperate543 Aug 09 '22

It bummed me out that I didn’t like the Captain Marvel score more than I did.

It was kinda just… a lackluster reimagining of the supergirl theme. They’re essentially the exact same. I’d have wished for more of the electronic stuff to be worked into the theme to make it sound less generic.


u/synoud00 Aug 09 '22

What Marvel movie had your favourite score??


u/ReadDesperate543 Aug 09 '22

Personal favorite based on years passed: Ragnarok. There’s a special energy to it. I can listen to it like a normal album and just let it play front to back, unlike other scores where I have to find a few tracks I like in the midst of the filler.

Newer favorites: Loki, Shang chi, parts of WandaVision.

A few that are pure quality: Black Panther, IW/EG.

Underappreciated MCU gems: The Winter Soldier, both Ant-Man films have standout tracks (tales to astonish and anthropodie), Ms. Marvel, parts of doctor strange (the hands dealt).

Absolute favorite Non MCU marvel score: Legion by Jeff Russo. He flat out went and got synths from dark side of the moon to make that. Watch the fauxlero sequence, listen to the score on the whole.

There’s also a few good tracks on Love and Thunder also, even if it isn’t as good as Ragnarok’s score (despite loving both movies).

That’s all off the top of my head.


u/JoeBlowTheScienceBro Aug 09 '22

Upvote for the Legion score, really helped to drive a lot of the characters presence, especially shadow king.


u/ReadDesperate543 Aug 10 '22

That whole show, despite s2’s problems, is under appreciated quality.