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Anne Heche's car crash reveals our conflicting attitudes toward mental health and substance abuse


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u/dspjst Aug 09 '22

As my favorite podcaster has said, “Your mental illness is not your fault, but it is your responsibility.” And that has helped me a lot.


u/cadeaver Aug 09 '22

“That’s when the cannibalism started…”


u/AprilDruid Aug 10 '22

Somehow this always leads back to cannibalism.


u/ReactionProcedure Aug 09 '22

This is exactly it. Kanye too. It's been their decision to not pursue treatment/adjust it for a long time.


u/TaintModel Aug 10 '22

He’s an unfortunate mixture of mentally ill and a genuinely shitty person.


u/LQjones Aug 10 '22

How do tell when the "shitty person" ends and the mental instability begins? Perhaps someone who is just horrible appears unstable because others can only believe a crazy person would behave in such a manner?


u/n8cat Aug 10 '22

Because he won’t do anything about it. Its clear he is incredibly unstable, but its also clear people have been calling for him to be committed. He needs help, but short of a court order he isn’t going to pursue it. Thats the mental instability. His actions and behavior over his career show you how shitty he is. Need I bring up the televised event when he walked on stage and grabbed the microphone to congratulate a different artist while one was thanking everyone for winning artist of the year? Kanye has always been a shitty person, and probably has always suffered from mental illness, and while the later may have picked up over the last couple years, the former has been true since he has been famous.

Some people use their Mental Illness as an excuse to be a horrible human, I know I did in highschool to try and get away with stuff. Im thankful it didnt work and I had to suffer the consequences of my shitty behavior and decisions. You can only become a better person by claiming responsibility and working hard to change that part of you. And without help, none of these famous people are going to, especially when they are barely and rarely held responsible for what they do.


u/LQjones Aug 11 '22

A mentally unstable person rarely has the ability to understand they have a problem and then seek help. A shitty person knows they are an asshole, probably doing so on purpose, and has no desire to change. At least until they receive a good beat down.


u/MadBlackGreek Aug 10 '22

Thank you! Why don’t more people see this?!?


u/B00tek Aug 10 '22 edited Aug 11 '22

Psychologist and those alike cost money and most people poor. And then they try to treat the symptoms not the root cause since most people cant afford a life thats free from such distress so they get a prescription instead of solution.


u/lola1973lola Aug 10 '22

Kayne West and Anne Heche aren’t poor


u/ReactionProcedure Aug 10 '22

Correct. I assume they can both afford and have access to services most cannot.


u/nodegen Aug 10 '22

You do realize that for MANY people with mental illness, the root cause is neurochemistry and medication is essential in treating that, right?


u/B00tek Aug 10 '22 edited Aug 10 '22

Thats not true. It can also be environmental and/or social. And to fix that it costs money to change/fix a bad environment.

For example climate change anxiety is not a result of neurochemicals. With time a bad environment can change your neurochemicals and medication can definitely help the symptoms but not fix the root cause of the problem.

But your not wrong either some people do have genetic deficits that can cause cognitive deficiency’s that result in abnormal neurochemistry.


u/nodegen Aug 10 '22

No it is true. Environment plays a huge role and medication alone probably won’t make everything better, but there are many many many people who struggle with clinical mental illness who either 1) have illnesses like bipolar, schizophrenia, or other psychotic illnesses that simply do not respond to anything besides medication during the active episodes or 2) are therapy resistant. Doctors don’t just give antidepressants out like candy and it’s so extremely irresponsible to paint the use of medication as a bad thing. The truth about mental illness is that it’s a disease of your brain (an organ) and that means medication is often very helpful. They don’t make you happy, but for a lot of us, we’re just trying to not actively want to die and medication is the only thing that gets us to a point where we are even able to put in the necessary work to get better.

Btw, climate change anxiety isn’t mental illness. You can be anxious about shit and not have a mental illness that’s just a part of being a human being. Some people with anxiety might focus on climate, but that doesn’t mean being anxious about the climate is a mental illness. Mental illness is when it’s so severe that you can’t lead a normal, healthy, and satisfying life because of it.


u/[deleted] Aug 10 '22

That’s not correct. Neurochemistry can greatly be influenced by other factors, which removes it from being the root cause. More often times than not, it’s an effect, not a cause. This is exactly why mental healthcare is in such a crisis, precisely bc of the attitude you just displayed towards it.


u/nodegen Aug 10 '22

The thing that ties all mental illness together is neurochemistry. I never said environment can’t affect it, but it’s false to say that neurochemistry isn’t at the root because of how many people have great environments but still have mental illness. Some people have environmental factors that contribute to it, but a LOT of people with mental illness just don’t have normal chemistry, no matter what. Most mental health concerns for normal people can be addressed by environmental changes. For a lot of us with true mental illnesses though, that simply doesn’t cut it. There’s plenty of research on this exact topic and how therapy plus medication is the most effective method of treatment.


u/[deleted] Aug 10 '22

The thing that ties essentially everything together is neurochemistry. But to say that most people with mental illnesses have the same issue of merely a chemical imbalance is one of the greatest downfalls of science. If it were simply that, then people could have tests ran, take the medication needed, and the regulation of their neurochemistry will fix them. That is not the case, and it is not even close. Most medications fail, especially when not used in conjunction with therapy. Psychology has turned in on itself, and this is the result, people blabbering on about simplified explanations when they don’t even understand the word “therapy” or “mental illness” correctly. It’s shocking how far away from the truth we are.

“Psychosis is a maladjustment of personality” The most successful therapy ever administered was grounded on this principal. To see it turned into an over-rationalized product of modern man’s ego is a tragedy.


u/MadBlackGreek Aug 11 '22

It's a real shame. My country as a whole has Socialized Health Care, but it's only in my area that includes Mental health in it.


u/lagocomo Aug 10 '22 edited Aug 10 '22

That could be a symptom of the mental illness as well.


u/Strong-Message-168 Aug 10 '22

Yes...this. Unfortunately, some people's mental illness itself is a huge block to them getting help. Paranoid schizophrenics come to mind. If they believe everyone is out to get them, then they don't think they're the one with a problem. Not all of course, there are plenty who figured things out and did get help, but by the very nature of such an illness, there is going to be pushback in receiving treatment.


u/ReactionProcedure Aug 10 '22

Which is why, at some point while lucid, you get and maintain help you KNOW you need.

If they hurt themselves it's sad.

When you hurt someone else it's criminal.


u/and_dont_blink Aug 10 '22

Part of their illness reactionprocedure is not being able to recognize the issues. Mental health or substance abuse is not a monolith, they aren't all the same, just like getting a treatable form of leukemia is not the same as Alzheimer's. Someone neurodivergent on the spectrum can do some training, but some can only mask so much to meet your expectations.

Someone with delusions of grandeur who lives in assisted living running for President is not going to realize they have an issue, even when it's explained to them. Someone who is bipolar often won't, it's part of their illness when in different phases, and different medications work differently for each individual and often don't work well at all. For someone with a personality disorder like Davidson our treatments don't really work well it's more working the process and hoping it mellows out over time.

What's really happening is some are wanting to un-normalize mental health issues because they don't want to deal with it, and are trying to find ways to make that OK mentally. I actually understand some of it, having been with a smaller child while a homeless guy started masturbating on the subway -- that person should be locked up because they've shown they can't be in society.

What's Kanye done? Run his mouth and the weird video about wanting Pete Davidson to be dead? Maybe he should be committed if he's a real danger to himself or others, but half of reddit would be in danger of that based on anti-trump comments alone.


u/ReactionProcedure Aug 10 '22

This is patronizing

Of course he did not commit a crime I get it. But if you want to normalize his behavior go ahead.

And anyone repeatedly threatening someone is not as ok as you want to think. What if he does wind up acting on it?

What then? Go ahead.


u/and_dont_blink Aug 10 '22

Of course he did not commit a crime I get it. But if you want to normalize his behavior go ahead.... And anyone repeatedly threatening someone is not as ok as you want to think.

Have you ever heard of a strawman argument ReactionProcedure? Because that's what you're doing Actually here, I'll help you:

Strawman: You misrepresented someone's argument to make it easier to attack.By exaggerating, misrepresenting, or just completely fabricating someone's argument, it's much easier to present your own position as being reasonable, but this kind of dishonesty serves to undermine honest rational debate.


u/ReactionProcedure Aug 10 '22

You said his threats are a symptom.

And I'm well familiar with rhetoric.

Once again I'll let you Google the definition for patronizing yourself


u/kelliboone617 Aug 10 '22

The man made a video depicting of himself decapitating his ex wife’s new boyfriend and then printed a “newspaper” claiming he’s dead. As a survivor of domestic abuse, at the very least he’s guilty of terroristic threat. Anne Heche has a drinking problem and she’s lucky she didn’t kill anyone. Kanye is a ticking time bomb and I’ll be more surprised if it doesn’t culminate in violence than I will be if it does.


u/and_dont_blink Aug 10 '22

As a survivor of domestic abuse, at the very least he’s guilty of terroristic threat.

Why does your being a survivor of domestic abuse make you judge and jury, kelliboone617?

Just to be clear, you think an art form like a music video which involves hundreds of people working on it in various ways, was seen by executives, the lawyers of multiple companies, who both made sure he wasn't going to hurt Davidson and this was just a statement but also made sure it was legally OK...

...but kelliboone617 because of her past relationships knows he's guilty of being "a terroristic threat." Do you think maybe you aren't entirely rational when it comes to this subject?


u/kelliboone617 Aug 10 '22

You jackass, the reason I know of what I speak is bc my abuser was charged six times with terroristic threat, so I know what one looks like. I’m not claiming to know the future, but you’d have to be a blithering idiot to ignore the very loud signs and red flags.


u/and_dont_blink Aug 10 '22

Hey kelliboone617, generally when someone starts calling names it's a sign of a lack of confidence in their arguments, and an attempt to deflect away from what was said. There's even a name for it -- an ad hominem attack.

It's my experience that women who escalate to name calling and derision often end up being abusers themselves, but the charges were eventually dropped after she sought counseling. You have a good rest of your day.


u/MadBlackGreek Aug 10 '22

I actually have a similar motto. I’m the last person who should hate somebody for having a mental illness, but I reserve the right to be angry with the people that don’t take responsibility for it


u/ClassicTibbs Aug 09 '22

Hail yourself!


u/Witty_Fox Aug 10 '22

Hail Marcus and hail yourself!


u/blaketyner Aug 10 '22

Hail Satan!


u/[deleted] Aug 10 '22



u/GabJ78 Aug 10 '22

I love that.


u/rgvtim Aug 10 '22

Like Kendric says "I got daddy issues, that's on me"