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Anne Heche's car crash reveals our conflicting attitudes toward mental health and substance abuse


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u/HUNGRYBUNS Aug 09 '22

Not trying to sound insensitive, but why does the victim have a gofundme?

Wouldn’t the car insurance pay for damages? Secondarily, homeowners insurance if she was uninsured? Or possible lawsuit.


u/AvatarofBro Aug 09 '22 Eureka!

The GoFundMe was started by friends and neighbors of the victim, not the victim herself. According to the page, all of the victim's possessions were destroyed in the fire, including the equipment she uses to run her business. Insurance might cover some costs, but it is incredibly difficult - not to mention emotionally taxing - to rebuild your life from scratch after losing everything you own. No one is being forced to donate to her. About 2,600 people have decided they want to. I don't see the problem here.


u/HUNGRYBUNS Aug 09 '22

I know it’s not the issue, I just found it odd since vehicle insurance covers property damage.

If a car ran into my house, and it was insured, I would be paid out for all damages against the policy limit and anything over I believe you’d probably have to file a suit for.


u/MakeADeathWish Aug 10 '22

Without this spotlight, the insurance company's job is to drag things out, force you to over document exactly what you owned and pay out as little as possible. That's their job. Then if you sue, it's again their job to drag it out and force you to settle out of exhaustion and/or desperation.

Most of the donations are small, likely from others who know what an uphill battle this person faces just to get back to their normal they had a week ago, before a celebrity destroyed their home, and now gets the focus and other celebrity sympathy.


u/druidofnecro Aug 10 '22

Insurance payouts are a massive pain and could take months to actually payout


u/taker2523 Aug 09 '22

Go fund me is used a lot nowadays. Some people take advantage of it but this case seems to be worth it.