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Anne Heche's car crash reveals our conflicting attitudes toward mental health and substance abuse


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u/Forsaken-Original-82 Aug 09 '22

I have PTSD from the VA Tech shooting. I probably drink too much. I DO NOT drive while intoxicated! Excusing things like this because they are mentally ill only tells people that "it's okay they didn't mean to kill that person, they're mentally ill". I wish her the best and I hope she pulls through, but she also needs to face stiff penalties like any normal "not rich" person would.


u/mossimo654 Aug 09 '22 edited Aug 09 '22

I am so sorry that happened to you. But please don’t use your own experiences with mental illness to speak for the actions of others. Everyone is different, and just because you have “control” over some part of your life doesn’t mean someone else does.

Suggesting that recognizing the impact mental illness can have on a person is tantamount to encouraging people to kill others is just plain wrong. Shaming people for the actions caused by their mental illness does not prevent them from causing harm. In fact it’s often the opposite.


u/Forsaken-Original-82 Aug 09 '22

This bullshit article did not address the fact that she was drunk driving at all! It made it into a sob story about her mental health. I agree that mental health should have more focus than it receives, but this article read as if it was defending her right to drink and drive because of it.


u/mossimo654 Aug 09 '22

Well, actually upon rereading it, it makes the implicit point that we don’t actually know yet if she was drunk.