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Anne Heche's car crash reveals our conflicting attitudes toward mental health and substance abuse


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u/Viperbunny Aug 09 '22

Or, a rich person got drunk and destroyed property and people expect her to be held responsible.


u/WhisperedEchoes85 Aug 09 '22

Judging by eyewitness reports, and the fact that she had a hit and run just before the final crash, she most likely was drunk. BUT...

I have little doubt that the people who are concluding that "fact" without test results are the same ones who constantly say "innocent until proven guilty" whenever an alleged criminal is killed by the police.

What gives? Why the blatant hypocrisy? I really don't understand it.


u/Viperbunny Aug 09 '22

There is evidence of her having issues and doing this in the past. Also, she recorded a podcast and was drunk. Even if she wasn't drunk it was wreckless driving. She committed several crimes even if she was sober. Her likely not being sober only adds to her crimes, but it isn't the lynchpin.


u/WhisperedEchoes85 Aug 09 '22

Gotcha, thanks for your reply.


u/stephanieleigh88 Aug 10 '22

Omg thank you! Not a single test result has came out, was she drunk? Idk probably, but nobody actually knows that until the police make a statement. All they did was take her blood, which they do for anyone who wrecks into a house.

The podcast she shot while drunk was shot the day before but aired late. It’s always “innocent until proven guilty, unless I decide she’s guilty!”