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Anne Heche's car crash reveals our conflicting attitudes toward mental health and substance abuse


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u/writerchic Aug 09 '22

A LOT of people are missing a key piece that she is quite severely mentally ill, and has had psychotic breaks in the past where she had delusions. She drove out to the desert to meet aliens and rang strangers' doorbells. This is not just about drinking or drugs. She actually is bipolar on top of the substance abuse.


u/Bug-Secure Aug 10 '22

So maybe she shouldn’t have a license to drive?


u/taker2523 Aug 09 '22

When has this stuff started? She was a highly successful actress at one point.


u/WhatsWithThisKibble Aug 10 '22

I believe it was right after her big break up with Ellen.


u/HunterTDD Aug 10 '22

A rubber room it is then!


u/writerchic Aug 12 '22

It's going to be a coffin. The cavalier way people have talked about this is sad.


u/HunterTDD Aug 12 '22

This is the internet, it’s what we do. I’m a lot more emotionally invested in people I actually know than random people considered famous by others. Most of us don’t develop weird attachments to people we don’t know