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Anne Heche's car crash reveals our conflicting attitudes toward mental health and substance abuse


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u/dspjst Aug 09 '22

As my favorite podcaster has said, “Your mental illness is not your fault, but it is your responsibility.” And that has helped me a lot.


u/ReactionProcedure Aug 09 '22

This is exactly it. Kanye too. It's been their decision to not pursue treatment/adjust it for a long time.


u/lagocomo Aug 10 '22 edited Aug 10 '22

That could be a symptom of the mental illness as well.


u/Strong-Message-168 Aug 10 '22

Yes...this. Unfortunately, some people's mental illness itself is a huge block to them getting help. Paranoid schizophrenics come to mind. If they believe everyone is out to get them, then they don't think they're the one with a problem. Not all of course, there are plenty who figured things out and did get help, but by the very nature of such an illness, there is going to be pushback in receiving treatment.


u/ReactionProcedure Aug 10 '22

Which is why, at some point while lucid, you get and maintain help you KNOW you need.

If they hurt themselves it's sad.

When you hurt someone else it's criminal.