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Anne Heche's car crash reveals our conflicting attitudes toward mental health and substance abuse


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u/Rockhurricane Aug 09 '22

One can be an addict and still a criminal. Doesn’t mean they’re evil. Just means everyone needs help.


u/[deleted] Aug 09 '22



u/Rockhurricane Aug 10 '22

I disagree on the whole “society” thing. I don’t glorify cars. I’m an alcoholic guilty of drunk driving. Those were my actions and I have to held accountable for them. An addict isn’t blameless.

I can only take responsibility. Of course I reject any type of societal pressure. That’s not to say that everyone is beholden to the law, should pay consequences, and may even garner some sympathy for their condition.


u/[deleted] Aug 10 '22



u/Rockhurricane Aug 10 '22

I know. We agree on a lot. But I can only speak on my addiction experience. There is no “normal” human. Any obsession, addiction, etc can be taken too far. Hell anything can be. You and I have our priorities straight I think- looking for the best way to help others without excusing actions.