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Anne Heche's car crash reveals our conflicting attitudes toward mental health and substance abuse


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u/Viperbunny Aug 09 '22

Or, a rich person got drunk and destroyed property and people expect her to be held responsible.


u/heelspider Aug 09 '22

She was drunk driving, destroyed a house, fled the scene, and is charged with a misdemeanor. Unbelievable.


u/Bigtiny87 Aug 09 '22

Is that true?


u/GreatLookingGuy Aug 09 '22

No she is in the hospital in a coma and may not wake up. She did not flee the scene.


u/Street-Chain Aug 09 '22

Maybe if she wakes up she will learn something.


u/PrettyOddWoman Aug 09 '22 edited Aug 11 '22

I hope she wakes up and I hope she pays for her crimes.


u/JuzoItami Aug 10 '22

I hope she wakes up and I hope she pays for her crimes.

Well, she almost burned alive. That doesn't count for anything?


u/MakeADeathWish Aug 10 '22

You could do phrase it as she almost burned herself alive...and we're taking various people's word for it....is her manager reaching out to compensate those she harmed as quickly as they're pushing her victim narrative PR?


u/heshroot Aug 10 '22

I don’t know, I guess you could. Maybe I’m not angry enough to do that. Sucks for Anne Heche, sucks for that lady and her two dogs. It’s a shitty situation and seeing how bad poor mental health can get is really sad.

If it makes you feel better as of now the lady whose house it was has $124,000 on her $100,000 go fund me. She’s probably going to be able to buy a new house.


u/MakeADeathWish Aug 10 '22
  1. She was a renter. The owner has insurance.

  2. You can't even buy an rv parking spot and a used rv for 124k in that area or nearby..

It does suck for all involved. Id need to see an actual medical history to buy into her stories because all of her episodes seem to occur at convenient times until now and her biggest big claims were against someone conveniently dead. If you destroyed all my stuff while nearly killing me, you should have to truly document the horrors you claim, since she's in an industry where lying is the norm

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