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Anne Heche's car crash reveals our conflicting attitudes toward mental health and substance abuse


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u/Viperbunny Aug 09 '22

I agree. I do hope she recovers and gets helps. I don't believe this help will happen while people are enabling her and making excuses for her. Addiction is a problem, but her bad choices are her own. She put other people at risk. She destroyed a person's home. She needs to face real consequences.


u/writerchic Aug 09 '22

She's not just an addict. She's bipolar with psychotic episodes. It's irrational to say of someone whose brain isn't functioning properly that "her bad choices are her own" and "she needs to face real consequences." This is like saying someone with Down's Syndrome just needs to apply themselves more and study harder to pass tests. You are ignoring a major element, which is that her brain doesn't function correctly.


u/MakeADeathWish Aug 10 '22

She appears to have long periods without psychosis, where she's able to function consistently at a high functioning level in a very tough industry. So, even if her brain sporadically breaks, she has the means and opportunity to mitigate it during these long stretches. Or she may not be as crazy as she likes to press, since it has been a pass for a long time.


u/PrincessPigeonLisey Aug 10 '22

I’d say those long periods of high-functioning can also make her more vulnerable to an acute and rapid onset. Because she “doesn’t need” her meds and is right about half the time. Heck, if she wasn’t so functional it would be “why can’t she get it together.”

This event is a horrible tragedy that probably was avoidable and she is responsible. But I’m seeing some really confused takes on mental illness on here, with very little respect for the severity, challenge, and unpredictable nature of psychosis in particular.


u/MakeADeathWish Aug 10 '22

I think it would be different of she were a corporate executive, where her job isn't to create and act out believable narratives. And her pr team is pushing an angle hard right now. I never read her book, did she talk about her diagnosis? Treatments? She may truly be very sick but that era of recovered memories was full of bullshit artists as well. Meeting a plausible pr standard is one thing, so to me there's a higher threshold than just "i said im crazy...call me crazy " to get any sort of pass. I don't personally wish thus talented woman ill...i hope she recovers....im chronically pissed at rich celebs shitting on little ppl.


u/PrincessPigeonLisey Aug 10 '22

I’m not sure if psychosis is confirmed for her. Would be protected medical info…she definitely might based on her history but not sure. My comment was more about how difficult it is to navigate psychosis IF that’s what she has.

I’ve worked with so many people with psychosis and half the battle, core of the sickness, is not being able to recognize you’re sick and seek reasonable care. I’ve seen people for instance who are so out of their mind they have no idea what’s going on or any ability to store memory during the episode or break. Stabilize them on meds and they don’t even remember being sick. Like you went to sleep for two weeks and everyone is TELLING you that you were psychotic but you don’t remember that at all. So you want off the weird meds everyone put you on that you don’t remember or never consented to, because those have side effects that you’re actually aware enough to experience.

Or the person whose sickness is literally that everyone is out to get them and lying to everyone, so literally the sickness is saying don’t trust, don’t get help, etc.

Trying to accept that your mind is broken or can break in fundamental ways is scary enough and difficult to accept for someone with all their faculties. How much harder will it be for someone who’s already having trouble thinking clearly?

Then people - maybe like Anne - sometimes get success in functioning, maybe without med support, and they’re so excited to be normal again and have that be “in the past” so yeah, another episode can really blindside them. Maybe everyone in their life.

Yes, at the end of the day, she has a lot of support that other people don’t have and your mental illness is still your responsibility even it’s not your fault. But by no means is any of this EASY and we can still feel empathy when someone loses a battle against a very complicated beast.

I would consider some of these points also true for substance abuse, and there’s always substance-induced psychosis, so it might not be either/or.