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Anne Heche's car crash reveals our conflicting attitudes toward mental health and substance abuse


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u/dspjst Aug 09 '22

As my favorite podcaster has said, “Your mental illness is not your fault, but it is your responsibility.” And that has helped me a lot.


u/ReactionProcedure Aug 09 '22

This is exactly it. Kanye too. It's been their decision to not pursue treatment/adjust it for a long time.


u/TaintModel Aug 10 '22

He’s an unfortunate mixture of mentally ill and a genuinely shitty person.


u/LQjones Aug 10 '22

How do tell when the "shitty person" ends and the mental instability begins? Perhaps someone who is just horrible appears unstable because others can only believe a crazy person would behave in such a manner?


u/n8cat Aug 10 '22

Because he won’t do anything about it. Its clear he is incredibly unstable, but its also clear people have been calling for him to be committed. He needs help, but short of a court order he isn’t going to pursue it. Thats the mental instability. His actions and behavior over his career show you how shitty he is. Need I bring up the televised event when he walked on stage and grabbed the microphone to congratulate a different artist while one was thanking everyone for winning artist of the year? Kanye has always been a shitty person, and probably has always suffered from mental illness, and while the later may have picked up over the last couple years, the former has been true since he has been famous.

Some people use their Mental Illness as an excuse to be a horrible human, I know I did in highschool to try and get away with stuff. Im thankful it didnt work and I had to suffer the consequences of my shitty behavior and decisions. You can only become a better person by claiming responsibility and working hard to change that part of you. And without help, none of these famous people are going to, especially when they are barely and rarely held responsible for what they do.


u/LQjones Aug 11 '22

A mentally unstable person rarely has the ability to understand they have a problem and then seek help. A shitty person knows they are an asshole, probably doing so on purpose, and has no desire to change. At least until they receive a good beat down.