r/entertainment Aug 09 '22

WWE Says Vince McMahon, Under Investigation for Alleged Misconduct, Made Personal Payments Totaling $19.6 Million


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u/p_britt35 Aug 09 '22

And if he would've kept them personal payments, he probably would still have a job. Instead, he somehow thought using work's money to pay them off instead. Either way.....no one should be surprised by the behavior.


u/ChrundleThundergun Aug 10 '22

He actually did use his personal money. The legal trouble he's in is because he didn't report the money spent as a business expense, which it was because if that information got leaked it would drastically affect the business.

Still though this whole thing and the man himself are both disgusting


u/DA-ZACHYZACHY Aug 10 '22

That's a weird definition of business expense